09 September 2015

Restart Blogging Again

This blog title might sound familiar to you who are still following my blogs after months and years of neglection. In fact, I think ‘neglection’ is not a right word. Perhaps, avoidance?

My heart for blogging is still pretty strong and each year in my new year resolution, my hope is that I can start the passion of blogging again – just like how I did it from year 2009-2011. And then, the hope gets repeated, and repeated and repeated with (uhmm..) sadly no further action. Sigh….

So today, I told myself, “Why not you sign in to your blogger account and write something? You will start your busy work life again after today’s MC. Go and do something meaningful, for a quick one rather than sleeping all day”. Before anyone misunderstood the MC part, let me explain. I was feeling not well on last weekend and the doctor prescribed me with some medicines and 3 days MC which will end by today. I was advised (closed to warn) to stay home, rest and not to travel for more than 10 minutes journey. I had been sleeping for 2 days in a row and I think, this is one of the longest sleep I have had this year!

Hence, here I am.

I am also happy to say that I have found a little motivation to begin with when I googled search for ‘restarting blogging for blogger’ (ya… I actually googled for ideas to come back blog about this…) and I found a blog post that speak to me! The title itself is already attracting me to read ‘How I’d Start (Restart) a Blog If I Were To Begin Today’ by John Saddington.

The suggestions are straightforward and casually original too which closed to my liking. One of the key messages that I receive is to ‘keep away all form of distractions and start writing!’. He begins his point with 'Remove Technology ASAP’ which instantly ring a bell. My life now is connected to smartphone that most of my free-time I see myself replying emails, whatsapp messages (work and personal purposes), scrolling down Facebook updates brainlessly, reading Elite Daily whenever a topic interest me, play apps games (now: Criminal Investigation and Angry Bird too), instagram-ing and nothing else.

And then, I told myself… “I am so busy and I don’t have time to blog!”
Not even on the weekend because I want to rest, run errands, re-organize my stuff, meet friends or travel back to the hometown.

So on and forth that I failed to make myself to blog…. Sad smile
Another point that is raised up by John which I do agree with is ‘to write imperfectly’. It is pretty natural for me that I must do thing perfectly. So, when it comes to blogging, I will put high pressure on myself:
  1. Must use the right choice of words
  2. Blog design must represent me
  3. Photo(s) must be nice
  4. Look for good social networking sites to share my blog update
  5. The list go on….

Besides wanting to blog perfectly, I do have fear and concern if what I post today will backfire me in the future. It started from my Counseling Ethic and Profession class when we (the students) were reminded not to post too personal stories on the internet or it will affect our professionalism. Then, when I joined the education line as a teacher, I was worried if my students will read my blog, misbehaved or attacked me in the class. Now that I join Teach For Malaysia as a teacher coach, I am worried if my team members (teachers) will see me unprofessionally? Then, what if I have children in future? Will my kids loss their respect for what I post?

Well, not that I had posted any big, juicy embarrassing story of myself (em…. as far as I remember la..). Just, a concern. There are too many examples around that I admit worried me which then, I feel tired of being a worrywarts.

I guess, this kills the joy of blogging as I spend more times of worrying or correcting what I thought is imperfect more than writing per se.

Now that I realize, I have lost 4 years worth of memory (if I continue blogging). Why don’t I blog? Sob….

Anyway, I know that this is a good call and I am grateful to be able to write my thoughts out today. Oh, and thanks to Cheesie who posted her personal experiences with blogging in her latest post. It has motivated me too to start typing again Smile

To really think of the bright side, this blog has become a valuable platform where I have met many wonderful people, be friends in real life and still in contact with each other. Not to forget that this is also a place where Calv learn more about me and now…. we are married!

So many beautiful incidents had happened and why stop?

Photo taken at Marina Bay, Singapore on 30th Aug 2015

By the way, here is a latest photo of me in case you forget how I look. Lol...