30 May 2012

Exploration Of A So-Called Photographer

It was 6.15am in the morning when my before-lost-phone *sob*rang with its familiar ringtone.  I had made a date with Jane to go for a short visit at Taman Botani Perdana, some where at the edge of KL.

I have always wanted to play with my D-eggie for so long ever since he became part of my family. However, I hardly find a suitable time, mood and people to play with and yesterday was a good timing I must say.

“School holiday makes curryegg a happy egg!!”   <------------ Totally random


We reached there about 8am (my first time driving there) and the place was kinda of quiet. We spotted a few joggers and cleaners. That is fine because the quiet morning with cool breeze are just what I missed so much. I was rejoiced by the sound of birds’ chirping and gooses squeaking. Lol.. exclude the gooses. Don’t know where they come from pun..


As I walked around the garden, I recalled some of the photography scenes which I gained  from Eric and his gang back in year 2008  when he invited me to be his model. It was a fun and flattering experience when you have 9 photographers all together in that 4 hours for 2 models (Mamak was together with me too).. You can see some of the photos of myself back in 2008 with the funny-yellow-hairband.


And now, I am the so-called photographer after 4 years and making Jane to be my model.. *feeling proud*



We spent nearly 4 hours at the garden and I managed to get these much of photos. So here are the result.

8.00am – When the sky was still hazy and gloomy. Less light. I didn’t know her black shirt will turn out all right with black color background.

Lesson learned: Never try, never know.



Pretty love her natural expression here when she was trying to scratch her leg as a result of mosquitoes love bites. Note: Please bring mosquito repellant with you when you go outdoor shooting! You don’t want your photo be ruined by your unhappy expression!


9am – When the sky almost started to rain.
We found a tourist bus here and started playing around. The effect is pretty good.
By the way, I suspected my phone fell at this place. Bad bus T.T



– The rain stopped and the environment looks fresher than ever. That is why Jane did some exercises and tai chi poses. Lol..


This was also the place we spotted gooses! Can you spot the couple?


Next, she continued with her Bollywood pose. Just, this time she came out from bamboo tress which is slightly different compare to usual Bollywood scene =P



     Tried to snap the flying seeds clearly but unsuccessful. Still a good picture for me… :)


10.10am -
The sun was out and the effect was pretty good. I like how the camera capture the light of my model and the leaves. The yellowish+greenish effect of the plants make my picture look good. Oh, can you see the Bokah effect? This time it is the shape of circle and I managed to do that with some manual setting. First attempt! =D



Don’t you just love her smile? So natural =)



10.40pm -
The light was still good. Captured this at a nearby staircase. I like the grey in color background. It helps her to stand out when she was wearing black in color blouse but not so much for her pants.



11.10am -
We came to this playground area when the sun released warmer air and hurtful sun ray. This was the moment you spotted several groups of wedding photographer team. Many couples came here for their wedding photography despite of races. Should I come here too? No.. too common. I think i want pink color leaves trees or blue ocean as background. Or Eiffel Towel as the companion or sitting on a gondola?

I want romantic feel.
Wahhhh~ *imagining myself as a princess*

Ok. Back to my photos. The atmosphere became quite bright and objects’ color turn out to be very sharp. However, some photos can be over-exposed with the strong lighting.


Also, one of my favorites <3


There was a moment when I took this photo and I purposely isolate this from the rest because it brings out a different kind of feel. I turned it into Black & White photo with her cool expression. The effect is pretty good. I did jokingly tell her in FB yesterday that she looked like someone from the ‘Zaman Kesultanan Melayu Melaka’ because of her scarf! Hahahahaha… That is what I saw in KBSM History Text Book on Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat attire XD


  Still a nice photo of her. Credit to Jane Ho =)


I will show you 3 photos of myself, taken by Jane but before that I would want to explain something first. I didn’t expect to snap any photo of myself and a day before the photography session, my brain had already convinced me to wear something black with jeans because that is what a professional photographer will normally wear.


Wanting to look like a photographer, I dress myself like what my brain instructed with a pony tail and no make-up. Obviously, I did not expect any camera will point at me. Plus, I was pretty sleepy and no mood for one. However, Jane was good in convincing and in the end, she managed to get me pose. So here are the 3 photos which I find quite nice.


Ignore the imperfection if you spotted.



I edited this photo with my own quote and has already become my FB cover photo. Hah… Someone just commented on this photo that I look like a secondary school student. Well.. thank you and I should never ever let my students see all these >.<


I pretty like how the red bag stand out.


It was a great experience being a photographer when you could communication and work well with the model. Both Jane and I find it easy to help out each other. Well, because we were good, old friend. But I wonder how will it feel to be a photographer for a stranger(s)? Would I get such a positive experience too? Or ended up being stressful?


Anyway, my question now is… am I eligible to be a photographer?
If yes, say “Way to go CurryEgg”. If not, say “Good job, Eggie”. Lol.. this is what I did to my students. Guess, my teacher’s persona come out once in a while too =P


Anyway, time to continue my assignment! I miss blogging long post with latest photos like this. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


P/s: My model look great even with no make-up. Thus, I am happy to share photos of myself with no make-up too because I think small eyes deserve attention too, like hers. Lol.. being random again.


P/s/s: Self confident is the key for beauty.