28 January 2013

My 12.12.12 Proposal Video

Probably some of you are not aware that I am being proposed on the 12.12.2012!!!
Although it has been 1.5 month, I seriously still couldn’t believe it!

Oh my!

While typing this out, the ring is clinging on my right finger. Well, I hardly wear ring since childhood (except those that are made using straw and flower stem). So, it still creates the unfamiliar experience whenever I wear it. By the way, I don’t wear the ring often because I am worried that constant use of whiteboard marker at school and my clumsiness will spoil the ring. I am not a good care-taker so this time, I am determined to be one, for the sake of the ring which symbolized his love.


I have always intended to write a full long post on the proposal. However time doesn’t seem like wanting to be my friend lately. Well, it is ok because there is a videoclip created by one of my friends, Steve that recorded the moments.



Till now, my cheeks will still turn red whenever I watch or recall the moment.
Shocking. Drama. Loving. Precious.


To some of you who do not understand Mandarin, it might be difficult for you because all the actor and actresses conversed in Mandarin.

Again, thank you to those who participated and contributed in my very special proposal day. Thank you for your love, care and blessing ♥