23 January 2013

Live Life To The Fullest

This is my first time updating my blog using my phone. It feels pretty uncomfortable because of its size. Anyway, it's good to try other alternative to have my self-talk before the sleep takes over.

Sorry for not updating my blog as often as I used to be though deep inside me, I always wanted to share my latest thoughts and experiences. There are so many things I wanna share here however, when time, energy and work are taken into further consideration, I become demotivated. Marking books or lesson planning seem to be a smarter choice of spending the night before sleep.

Ok, lets put aside of my work and read my thoughts. When I was a counseling student, I always worried that my public visibility in the blogosphere or in the social media will affect my professionalism as a counsellor. Imagine if a client who read your blog come to you and receive counseling services while in his or hers mind know the romantic proposal you have or food that you dislike. That is against the ethics as counseling should not be in dual relationships.

Now that I am a teacher in these 2 years of fellowship, i hVe different worries. I am concerned that the posts I wrote and will write might affect my students respond towards me as and individual and my teaching. It is hard to imagine to let the students see another side(s) of the teacher when they should focus more in their own learning and development.

Well, being in my second year of teaching, I am happy to share that I M happy to just be myself whether in the offline or online world because I am genuine from the inside out. The person whom I am in the classroom is the same as in the staff room. The person who is refilling fuel in the petrol station is the same as the person who went to Bangkok to have an amazing trip. The person who cried over a sad Hong Kong drama series is still the same S the person who is blogging here. Probably the only difference is the name: from Kai Lee to Kelly and from Kelly to curryegg.

Gaining insights and wisdoms throughout the years have taught me to appreciate and accepting myself as an unique individual. Besides, I have learnt to treat my life as my learning platform. Hence, I become more relaxed and love being the person I love to be.

I love this self love experiences. Guess that's why I could live life to the fullest despite of the daily ups and downs I am facing. Thank you for still reading and following my blog. This is something I would want to treasure the most.

Just a quick sharing. During in the beginning of the year my 5 classes, I have proudly and confidently told my students that my new year resolution and by big goal for this year is to see them transform and write their success stories in my book.

That is a promise I made to myself and to them. I don't know why the idea struck me. Well, I think it has been keeping somewhere in my brain that I have never discovered. Hence, I will start my little project by first updating my blog and shared it publicly andouille so that I start working on it.

Here is a picture I took on last Sunday in Publika, KL. I love it so much! Nice?