27 May 2014

How Love Changes A Person - Me

Calv and I had just ended our conversation through Facebook call before I decided to make a quick blog post over something that comes very spontaneous to me.


Photo taken at one of our favorite islands in Thailand.

Well, it is not that spontaneous after all when I have been thinking about this person for such a great, long time. The image, the voice, the warmth, the fun, the happiness and the joy that this person brings me since day one is unbelievably addictive.

Although we are in a distance relationship (and now marriage), my emotions and thoughts seemed to evolve around him. You might be surprised of why I become so sentimental in this post. I shall not question and I shall not hide my feelings for what I have been greatly affected by all his loves, cares, supports and efforts all these while.


I feel safe and secure for I know that I will be guided and supported.

I notice that I have learned and grown so much ever since I know this person. This thought begins from a conversation that I had with my manager in this very afternoon. I have discovered that I am more organized and practical to my work. Besides that, I can be straight and directive in my conversation with good intention behind. Despite of the few values that I discovered, I also realized that I am more confident and being more acceptance of who I am before and now.

IMG_1442The gift.

Reasons for my growth and development are believed to be built through my inner strengths openness to learn from experiences, high achieving working environment, people around me and of course, from the loves that I have been blessed… *thank you* 


The unexpected joyous moment.

Life is full of unpredictable challenges and I do have my down moments. My bed is not always full with beautiful and scented flowers. However, I am braver in facing upcoming challenges. I am happier in awaiting for tomorrows. I am hopeful to achieve shared and personal dreams.

Eh eh…. why I can see clouds and hear birds chirping around me? *dream*

Today, I even made a silly promise to my manager to keep me accountable with one action item. I do not plan to share it here yet, but this promise is made out of 2 reasons:

1) To achieve the dream that I have always wanted to accomplish
2) For love.

I even asked her to give me consequence (which I suggested).
If I don’t do X, I will buy magnum ice-cream for all the ‘failure’ I make throughout the year. Seem challenging uh? Oh well…. ‘Golden mouth has just spoken out’.. The promise must go on~


Thank God for all the guidance and loves that you have shown me. Please, continue to guide and bless me with the ability to love, patience, wisdom and joy so that I can share with my loved one, my husband.

Good night <3

P/s: To you who are still waiting for your right one, I pray and hope that you will find him/her soon and receive the loves and joys that you wish for <3