13 May 2014

Inner Voice Speaks

As the age grow older, I find myself not fancy attention from the public as much as I used to be. Well, I have to admit that I still like attention but only from people who are closed to me. I guess, this is called aging….


It is an enlightening Tuesday, and I have the urge to blog today – just to let my mind to be at ease with the environment which I am currently sitting with good companies next to me.

I visited the temple this morning for prayer. My heart was dancing in joy as I woke up this morning and I was delighted for the whole day. Today is Wesak Day and I gained peace and enlightenment during in the temple. It has been quite some times since I stepped into the temple with a feather-light heart.

No images of work. No pressure. Just an empty soul.



Childhood memories were unexpectedly recalled when I was pouring the flower water onto the little Buddha body. The excitement upon receiving the yellow blessing string came naturally to me because when I was a little girl, I used to think that God will give me special protection from the evil and save me from any danger. I even had the thought that if I pray sincerely to God without any intention for return, I am a good girl and people around me will love me more. I guess, I haven’t reached 12 that time?

P/s: I still have such feeling and knowing that God’s power is beyond measure and I am always been guided and protected.

I was holding my palms together and closed my eyes in a meditative manner. I secretly send telepathy to my own brain, “Eggie, you have grown up! Look at you. You are 158cm tall now (not 80cm) with a husband, a family and a career. You are a woman!”.

It felt so good to remain silent for at least 45 minutes and being prayerful. I am certainly amazed by how far I have travelled till today. I know that I wouldn’t be able to be who I am today, and be where I am today without the blessing, guidance and loves from God and people around me. I know that I wouldn’t be able to grow as fast as I could without disappointment, struggles and challenges from people and environments.

Issue is indeed a constant lesson.
Experiences are indeed the best teacher.
People are indeed the best reflection of self.
Life is indeed unexplainable miracle.

While the chanting continued by the monks, images of important people flashed in my mind. Secretly, I reflected over the good deeds done by each of them and ended each image with gratitude and best wishes for them. I didn’t know how and why I did that but it just happened naturally – like I am at the end of my life and I am leaving my last words.

I love how it feels at the end of the prayer. It reminds me of how I used to feel when I was still a child being very curious and innocent with everything and everyone around me. It feels almost like a reborn of spirit and hopes for the future. Or, like a reformatted computer?


I spent a good afternoon with new companies today at a very interesting cafe (which I am sitting currently) and they are Sue, Lexie and Jane. The coffee aroma and warm ambiance inspired me to open up my laptop and blog again. I love this feeling and I am thankful for the simplicity of happiness gained today.



Trying out the frame in the shop that sells at the price of RM99….. emm…


Ohh… before ending this post, one #selfie from the 4 of us or it seems incomplete for the year 2014 trends.


Happy Wesak day to all my Buddhist friends.
Happy weekdays for all my readers. You are being missed Red heart


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