24 June 2009

108m Nanshan Kwan Yin Statue

The enormous 108m tall Nanshan Kwan Yin statue with 3 sides, standing harmoniously on the South China Sea when Curryegg and her family continued their walks at Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone under the fierce sun.

Anyone in Hainan Province knows NanShan Kwan Yin very well. Just simply ask an old Hainan uncle in the toilet, I am sure he can answer it.

Em... I don't mean my dad.

Ever since the Grand Light Opening Consecration Ceremony on 24th April 2005, this whole Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone received a massive number of visitors each year. Not to mention the business in producing and selling joss-stick are expending, too.

Picture from HweiMing.

Along the way, there are a number of small and medium size temples before reaching Nanshan Kwan Ying. I did visit some of them.

Nanshan Kwan Yin is undeniably becomes one of the main attraction not just to the Buddhist visitors, but to non-Buddhist too. Almost everyone who steps on Sanya ground will not want to miss the opportunity in visiting thus grand holly place, despite the expensive entrance fees (RMB150).

Well, it is still worth it because you can walk till your legs break off. Trust me.

Anyone who is close to the South China Sea can easily spot the statue. It is amazingly higher than The Statue of Liberty. 108 meter!

Can you spot my umbrella?
It showed how badly I needed an umbrella to snap good picture.

And, I personally impressed with Nanshan Kwan Yin Statue besides the holiness reason. There are three sides of Nanshan Kwan Yin with different designs and you will have to circulate the statue to have full view.

Well, I could just manage to see two sides of Kwan Yin statue. To see the third one, I will have to travel the sea. Whoa!

The sky was clear with clouds floating around Mr. Sun. It will be a wonderful experience if the temperature in this area wasn't that high. Again, Sanya is the hottest area in Hainan Province. I wonder how those Beauty Pageant contestants could bear the heat.

Photo: Link

Photo: Link

Here are some photos which I managed to capture during my journey in Nanshan. They aren't that good if compare to my previous post because I hardly take pictures when I have to worry my umbrella being blown away by strong wind.

My shirt including my pants were all wet by my sweats while taking all these pictures. I wonder how could I manage to smile in every picture.

One word: I am professional!

We spent almost half a day here. We couldn't spend any longer as grandma couldn't bear to walk anymore. So, after praying and humming my wishes to Nanshan Kwan Yin, we headed back to the RMB20 tour bus which then, took us back to the exist gate.

Before we leave, each one of us had a good rest with fresh cold coconut on our hands. Nothing taste better than coconut water. It wasn't cheap though, RMB6 each without coconut fresh - because they are old, aging coconut. Anyhow, I am glad Hainan Island has it. Well, it is the only place in China which has Coconut tree. How pathetic.. :(

Before that....

A: I took.

B: He took.


I seriously wish to know which picture look better between mine and my cousin's skill? A or B? It has been an unsolved debate ever since these two pictures were taken.

Next post, Sea Shell Museum with Sanya famous beach.