24 June 2009

National Treasure Gold and Jade Kwan-Yin

Although I have lost half of my photo collection, I spent nearly 2 days to edit my 4th day of travel in Sanya Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone. Oh my! Isn't that scary? You should start expecting the need to scroll down the page till your fingers drop off.


Well, I am serious. Anyway, I am trying to reduce the number of photos in each post starting by this one in order to avoid loading page problem (which I always get complain from some of my readers. Puff..)

During my 4th day in Hainan Province, my family, aunties and I visited Sanya Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone. We rent a regular size bus with a local tourist guide for 4 days to take us around the island.

Renting a bus with a minimum of 10 passengers is a good idea as it is cheaper and more convenient compare to renting a taxi. Besides, it is more comfortable as you have more spaces for yourself and your luggagessss. Believe me, the 'ssss' for luggage doubled if you're a shopaholic.

Map from: Nanshan.com

The Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone I heard is the most expensive tourist spot in Hainan Province. Each entrance cost RMB150 including one vegetarian lunch. We were suggested to spend one whole day in this area to learn more about the beauty of Nanshan Moutain (South Mountain), the statue of the South China Sea Kwan-yin Bodhisattva, the China Buddhism Culture Institute and the Kwan-yin Park.

Believe me, once you are there, you will no longer care where you are anymore because the place is so huge with spectacular scenery and buildings. Besides, the weather was extremely hot and none of us could bear the sorching sun. Umbrellas, caps and jackets were our best friends all along the journey.

Notes: According to the local residents, Sanya is the hottest and driest place in Hainan Island. It rarely rain especially during summer. So, don't go especially during JUNE!

If you have planned to go here in future, remember to buy a RMB20 ticket for a tour-bus ride. You will regret if you ignore my advice.

Buy your tour-bus ticket here!

As I have mentioned earlier, Sanya Nanshan Cultural Zone is a vast area and people like me will end up camping for 2 days in order to finish the walks. To safe time and consistent torture from the sun.....


The cute, young tour guide - Ah Li

The ticket.

The very first stop (if you go with tour bus of course) will be the National Treasure Gold and Jade Kwan-Yin. It is a temple and you will notice crowds everywhere. Some were busy with photography, some were busy burning the huge joss stick and another some? Busy paying RMB20 to enter the temple.

What the egg..

I thought temple shouldn't frequently charging money as it is a holly place and this is the first temple which require to. Well, I don't blame it yet because as soon as my mum paid RMB20 for the entrance only I know it is a luxurious temple.

The 3.8 meter-high Golden Jade Guanyin Statue which is divided into 4 main parts, the golden body, the bright leaf, the Qianye lotus and the base made of red sandal wood are covered with 100 kg (221 pounds) of gold and silver. Besides, they are decorated with 120 carats of South African diamonds plus countless jewels, and containing two sacred Buddhist relics.

100kg of GOLD & SILVER?
120 carats of DIAMOND?

Of course, there are reasons behind this creation if you read this article.

There is a large glass located before the Guan Yin statue with a glass door. No one is allow to enter except for special purposes. I didn't ask to enter neither as I am happy enough to be around the temple.

Besides the statue, I had come across with this crystal pagoda.

It is all about the Consecration of Buddha Relics. As far as I understand, it is about a monk who witnessed the relics - how Buddha spread his teaching to the people. His name is Duo Luo.

His handwriting.

Dad told me that the crystal pagoda keeps Duo Luo's body ashes which is in pearl or ball form at the lowest level. There is a story that a good deed monk will leave 'pearls' on the ashes when his/hers body is being burnt. Well, I am not sure is that what my dad mean.

After that 20 minutes of Buddha study, we were heading to next destination. Tour bus services were effective as we didn't have to wait too long at the station. Before that, I managed to captured some pictures.

So, what next?
The giant sea-side statue of Kwan Yin which stands 108 meters high.