29 June 2009

Sea Shell Museum And The Beach At Sanya

Yes. The Sea Shell Museum which is one of the must visit area if you are in Sanya, China. I can't remember how much is the entrance fees. Anyway, what you can find in Sea Shell Museum is of course: Sea Shells.

What do you expect?

This is where you can find your pearls..

The thorny shell.

Star fish! I feel like wearing them like the mermaid.
I mean on the head!

The Angel Wings, one of the famous seashells in Sanya. Do they really look like a pair of angel wings?

Cyrtopleura costata linnaeus

Well partly, I am just joking. I don't mean you can only get seashells in this area. Besides the sea creatures, you can get your feet walking on their famous beach too. Frankly, the museum doesn't attract me much, except the gift shop in which I can get lot of beautiful handwork there.

The walls in the exhibition hall. Creative isn't it? :)

I just had a very quick snapped on those selected shells which I think are unique before heading to the beach which is located not far away from the exhibition hall. The tourist guide, Ah Li was pretty sure that we will like their Sanya beach (Hainan Province, China).

True enough that the beach did attract us. I mean, a lot.

The soft sands, the clean sea water, the friendly surrounding and various of water activities have really stolen my heart.


You see. I hardly write anything on the sand. It is too soft to hold my alphabets. I wonder, is Pulau Redang (Malaysia) sands as soft as this? Anyone be there before?

The massage corner.

I want to ride on the speed boat, the banana boat, sail on the mini ship, diving, snorkeling and whatever I can do on the beach! But sigh..... Ah Li never told us we'll visit the beach. I felt like a stupid girl, wearing sport shoes, long jeans and a vest to the beach. Well, it is not just me, but my entire family wore something similar as mine.

What can I do other than taking self portrait pictures?
Not going to waste the chance.

Bad tourist guide.

There is a small garden just above the Seashells Museum. Nothing else special other than the unique statue.

Again, thanks to my cousin Kiiro for taking good pictures of mine - undeniable. He should get a DSLR.

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