01 April 2013

A Promise

As many of you would have known that I am no longer active blogger since year 2011. I used to be a daily if not weekly updater who will make sure new blog post is published every midnight (why midnight? Because I gain inspiration the most at this hour).

Well, I don’t know since when my motivation for blogging reduced and often be excused by the buziness of studies, thesis writing or now, work. Excuse always been replaced by new excuse and now, I am tired of repeating the same unproductiveness. I am discouraged by my inconsistency and for a lack of better word – laziness. Oh Gosh!


Despite of my disappearance from the blogosphere, my heart and soul are still always lingering around my blog. My passion in writing, photography and drawing is still as strong as the storm although it is not enough to make my fingers move. Well, not anymore because they are eager to run as fast as they can on the keyboard right now because curryegg is in ‘the determination’ to participate a challenge named “Blogging From A to Z April Challenge” which is inspired by Preetilata, a blogger friend from India.


As I was reading her post (read her very first April post. Beautifully written with a good touch of emotion and story), I’ve discovered the A-Z challenge and get pretty excited to join as well since what I need now is a ‘Tsunami strength’ to keep my motivation at peak so that in the end of the 2013, I will be so proud of myself with a colorful collection of personal stories.
[ This year theme for my blog: Explore the colours within yourself. I really love this theme especially the word colour  as it refers to the adventurous and uniqueness stories of me]


Besides, I will be superbly honored to announce to my readers, especially to my fiance with this opening phrase of “I HAVE MADE IT!!!”.


Because last December, he has made an  unbelievable research on the number of blog post posted each year and shared the result in curryegg FB page. I am impressed by his analytical mind but not the confidence of ruling over my performance =/


calvtease Such a bold statement uh?

If I am going to blog everyday except Sunday on April – it will be at least 26 posts. If i will blog at least 5 for the following months, it will be 5 X 8 = 40. So 26+40 = 66 posts! Yay! It is going to exceed both 2012 and 2012 years! Maths teacher is doing her Maths yo~

Oh gosh.
I gotta prove his hypothesis wrong for this year. Yes, I have to. I couldn’t imagine to receive another statistic finding from him in the end of this year. Oh no~

So, here is a promise I make to myself that I will blog every single day in the month of April by following the alphabet from A-Z except Sunday. Well, you better hope that this is an ‘April Fool’ blogpost because the egg is going to rule your month with her stories.

This is going to be ex-ci-tiiiiiiiiiiinggg!!


To end this post with some juices of creativity and romance, here is a year 2011 picture that I have not shown to anyone beside you (April Fool!).




| Do you know that Eiffel Tower is inspired by the capital letter of A? :)

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