16 November 2010

The Escape To Malacca

I have not made any travel, any further than my campus lately. Not even to the mall (emm.. ok lah.. last week just been once) or nice restaraunt (emm.. is Italiannies with the ladies counted? but that was like 2 weeks ago).


So, last 2 weeks during Deepavali, Huan had planned a couple’s trip and Eric and I were being invited. Hearing the idea at the first place had lit up my face. “Wow, couple trip with my dear friend? That’s really something new to me”, I secretly whispered to myself.




Nyonya cendol and ice kacang @jonker walk


She said, the reason why she invited me because she had read that in my Facebook status, I wanted a trip to Malacca so badly (i thought she really sincerely planned that for me? no?) So, she called me up that night and the next thing I realized was we were stepping Malacca together with our boyfriends. Cool right?



Huan and Imelaka12


P/s: I think both of us are inspired by the recent movie ‘Eat, Play, Love’ where we tried to eat as much as possible, play as badly as we can and love as deeply as we can. Lol.. what am I writing seriously?


It will be a perfect trip if there was no traffic jam and hot weather. Well, i know that there is nothing as perfect as we want to. Thus, i still love this whole trip though it was a short one.






Going to Malacca has refreshed my dull brain. That long over of books reading and brain cracking really paint grey colour (lifeless) over my life. Although I’d been to Malacca for so many times, I love this new experiences with my buddy and love.



Oh.. did i forget to mention this?

I made new friends to with Shawn (Huan’s bf) friends who come as a couple. Too bad, i didn’t manage to snap picture with them. Hope that there will be next time.




It’s good to recall all these experiences again in the middle of the night because it somehow opens up my ‘young heart’ again. I want to enjoy and have fun as much as possible – AFTER EXAM and THESIS SUBMITTION!!!!




It will be another 1 month but then.. I still can have fun in between right? =P