17 November 2010

Xpax Shout! At The Library

You know what?


When I first received the invitation to Xpax Shout party at the Library, I seriously thought of this…. [see photo below]


xpax26 Ok. I’m just acting. I don’t really read boring, old books (unless i’ve no choice) =(


Updated: But netbook, papers and pencil box are real. No acting. lol.


Well, I’ve been spending most of my time in my campus library looking for relevant data for my research study since the beginning of the semester. Objects which I see the most are books, journals and magazines. I seriously think that I can make UM library as my second home… =_=



Of course, the Library which I was being invited is obviously 10th times different. I believe, it should be one of the most happening pubs in this city. Thanks to Xpax from Celcom for offering me 2 free VIP passes so that I can bring my friend.


xpax4  Me with hat

xpax5 She with gorgeous hairband and her name is June =)


Seriously, I am glad to receive free passes where June and I can skip the long, i mean looooooooooooooooong queue before the entrance or might just leave and go back.




Our VIP passes


Go Back!!? Alright, you know I am just kidding.. Cos how can i leave when I know it’s going to be a happening night? I still can wait if I was lining in the queue as there are cool prizes and rock bands!



I did fill up but no one call pun. so no free prizes =/


Looking at this big ‘X’ it remains me of this tagline, “Ada X, ada Pax ada Segalaya


See how happening this Xpax Shout party is! I have never been to anything as rock as this. I am glad that I wore something ‘rock and bold’ for this event. It fits the theme and the atmosphere. Scroll down if you don’t believe me (how dare you)



DJs who are good in bringing out the mood from the audience


The crowds


The fun =D

xpax15   This is June and my favorite band

xpax27My favorite singer. She has the attitude, man! Love her.


The mood in The Library with no real books.


Besides cool prizes and rock bands, I have made new friends with new bloggers during in the event. It is great to catch up with the blogging community once in awhile. Well, I realized there are so many new bloggers lately and I am learning to remember all these new faces. Suddenly, I feel myself getting older.. *sob*

  xpax10     From the right: Sam, Reiko, Me, June and Simone

xpax19   Josh Lim


Finally able to snap photo with Jac =)xpax25

Daphne and botakai


Of course, June and I again.


Thank Jac and Xpax for the invites. I have great time there. Looking forward for the Xpax Shout! Awards this coming 20th November at Bukit Jalil.