25 November 2010

Be Part of ChurpChurp Today

Notes: I am blogging from my personal experience with churpchurp. So, let the words guide you into my point of view.


If you are one of my Twitter followers at http://twitter.com/curryegg , you will know how much I love ChurpChurp.




Wait! Why are you giving me the puzzle look? o_O


Don’t tell me, don’t tell me you have never seen this big eye, little blue bird? Its name is ChurpChurp. In my case, I called him (I assume the bird is a he)Money Bird’. Why Money Bird you ask?



Ever since I’ve signed up with ChurpChurp, this little blue bird has become my best company whenever I am online. He has never failed to bring first hand information to me like promotion from Airasia, up-coming event from Heineken, new product from Friso and special offer from Celcom.


All these information have allowed me to be in the VIP lane and grab things faster than others because the news I received are days (or weeks) earlier. Take AirAsia for example. Before AirAsia release the Fabulous Fly-Day promotion at Airasia.com, I receive the news 2 days earlier before others and what happen next is, I managed to snatched tickets to Australia for next year at CHEAP PRICE!


Of course, the VIP lane isn’t my main focus for this post because what is more interesting is that this birdy bring MONEY. Yes, MONEY!!!


He has been bringing money-making opportunity to me ever since I’ve signed up with ChurpChurp and I am thrilled!  Although, it’s not a big sum of money at least, I am making something online. A student like me with no income (relying fully on parents) find every opportunity available in the market to make some pocket money and ChurpChurp is a good channel. It’s a friendly user generated website, safe, established, easy to learn and earn.


How I know? Because I am using and earning of course.

This is the proof:


churp11 copy 


And believe it or not, I have cashed out once and will soon cash out my second cheque. Weeeeeeeeeee!


Also, I am glad that ChurpChurp take good care of my friend who have signed up last month when I introduced this to her. She has been receiving assignments consistently every week and even received free premium movie passes too.


Aren’t all these good reasons to be part of ChurpChurp?

By now, I will publish this post and email this link to all my close friends, family members, relatives and boyfriend to immediately sign up for churpchurp. They don’t know how much they have missed out!


And for you, here…





To churp or not to churp, your choice.


P/s: I personally love the idea of spreading, learning and attending charity event like ‘Get On Board To Stop Child Abuse’. Would love to see more event like this in future.