13 June 2011

Be Patient, Live Life and Have Faith

As we grow older, we will tend to see things around us more clearly. Probably it is because we take in more responsibilities each and every single new day. Or we start to give higher expectation towards our selves in different areas of life.


When these happened, happiness and disappointment reciprocate with each other. Just like a ferris wheel. One moment you find yourself touching the sky and another moment you realize you are so close to ground. That’s when you can connect pretty well with the phrase, ‘ups and downs in life’ which everyone will remind you when you are facing disappointments.


I remember I ever come across with a monk who was holding a big stick on both his hands, drawing a huge ‘8’ on sands and explaining this,


“Suffering and pain take place when one has strong desire in life. This creates unnecessary needs and expectations which you might not be able to achieve. To reduce suffering and pain, control your desire. You will live a peaceful life”.


Well, I think it makes sense to me because by lowering our own desire, we can be clearer with what we actually want in life. When this happens, we can listen better to our own inner voice – not from what others want from us. We can become more acceptance towards our ownselves when results are revealed, whether at work, academic, relationship, health and etc. Life will become lighter, brighter and happier.


We can even see things in another perspective when disappointments take place, that’s by leaving whatever we have worked on to the universe, nature, God or you named them.


I find myself once in awhile feeling upset and disappointed whenever past events struck me. I know there is nothing I can change in the past and what I can do now is to let them go slowly and completely (and I am doing pretty well). At the same time, allowing myself to experience my present life as much as possible by sharing love and passion with people who care and making full use of my time with meaningful activities.


photoftheday53 Remember my smile because it is one of my gestures that you will never forget =)


I am glad that I am managing myself pretty well and using my time wisely. Thank to all the people around me (especially my family and true friends) who are always caring and loving. I feel accepted and loved for whoever I am during in my best and worst moments. You guys make me feel like home no matter where I am. You know who you are =)


So when next time, disappointments slip into the door again, remember: Disappointments are just God’s way of saying, “I’ve got something better. Be patient, live life and have faith”.


I believe, something better is awaiting us. So, have faith =)