15 June 2011

My Academic Research On Blogging As Self Therapy

Normally, I don’t really reveal my name in my own blog or other Social Network Sites (SNS) especially like Twitter and Facebook because to me, my real name is private. Or maybe I think Kelly Tan is pretty enough to describe me. Yes?


However, it is a bit different today. I reveal my long name here for the very first time (I suppose) because I am proud with my GOLD IN COLOR NAME on my academic research. Though I have made this nearly couple of months ago, still I am a proud owner of this boring-black-in-color-hard-cover-academic-research-book. Why am I calling it in such a long term? If I can blink my book, I will. Lol.


Anyway, it is interesting because of the title *wink*


I do look like a nerd. Well, this is the time where I can claim that I’m proud to be one with that book holding in my hand.. =D


I score A- for this work and is ready to present it in an International Conference next week (well, I am not really satisfy with my work but that is the best I can give despite of the time limit, exhaustion from personal issues and lacking of resources. Anyway, I have over come them pretty good and it’s over).


So, yes. It’s next week babe. Frankly, I am crazily nervous. I have not… em… well, I presented once last year in a conference in my university but that was different as I have other 5 members to backup. This time, I am presenting my own research topic and it is about BLOGGING!

 thesis2 My juniors can check my work out in our faculty library. Sounds cool to me ^^


You heard me? BLOGGING!!!



The title of my academic research:

“A Phenomenology Research On Blogging Experience and The Possibility of Self-Therapy For An Undergraduate Student In University Of Malaya”

A friend of me once told me nonchalantly that I can treat my future client/patient by asking them to blog daily for counseling purposes. And I was like, “Hey! that’s a real good idea”. Lol.. So now, who wanna be my clients? =P


Haha.. Well, wish me luck. Really. I. Need. Blessing.