07 June 2011

Little India at Brickfields

I am thinking, “It’s time to get back to the blogosphere and start rocking again”.


Yes, totally! You might not believe when I write this. I have more than thousands of photos in just one week time and hundreds of stories to share. Ok lah.. maybe not hundreds but A FEW!


The problem is, I don’t know where to start? Cham.


After spending times browsing all over my photo albums, I have finally decided. Let’s start from my Little India experience at Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur which took place last week with both of my good friends – Letchu and Jane.


Before going any further with my story, you should know one thing, that is I am no longer a student. I have successfully completed my degree and I am on a ‘personal project’ now. So, I am free once in awhile meeting and hanging out with friends doing random stuff.


It all start up with these 2 lovely ladies when one morning, the 3 of us decided to have breakfast in an Indian Restaurant at Brickfields. I have this sudden crave for tosai days before the meet up and I seriously have no idea on that random appetite. Maybe I have curry gene from my ancestors? Emmmm…. *thinking hard*


I was the driver, fetching these 2 lovely ladies wandering around the small but crowded area. Of course, Letchu is the main ‘tourist guide’. She was my GPS and best-tosai-searcher. Lol…




So, we went to the recommended restaurant and planted ourselves for almost 2 hours with teh tarik kurang kurang, sangat kurang manis (but still manis) and tosai. Seriously, they make good tosai kertas and tosai biasa, but sadly not rava tosai. I realized not many place can make thin and crunchy rava tosai. Sigh… Of course, good tosai (or even roti canai) should come with good curry and their curries are really nice.





After the fulfilling breakfast, the three of us really done crazy stuff at crazily hot hour. Obviously, it was both of us, Jane and I who were so excited with the place because we rarely went there.


And… what we did?








You are right!

Photography moment with lotsa poses! Plus, haven’t you realized it? I have my new hairstyle which require more attention than ever because after this, I may not keep this style anymore. Unless you say it suits me better than long hair and I look gorgeous in this, then I might consider keeping this unisex hairstyle longer. Lol..




While both us indulging ourselves in our own world, busy snapping photos like nobody business, there was a person who actually suffered from the pain of waiting and hanging. I mean, being hang with stuff. Lol…




Letchu was so embarrass with our hyperactive behaviors because there were actually lot of eyes throwing at us. I was like ‘I-am-too-awesome-and-I-don’t-care-how-others-see me’. As a result, she almost have to hide her face into my large yellow back. Sorry dear… =P


To make her feel better, I dragged her along and join the ‘crazy Chinese group’ for more photos. Of course, she likes it because we are all ENFPs. Hahaha…. =D

littleindia11      littleindia10



If you noticed my bare feet, it was because of my jumping attempt. I was doing this jumping on air pose but then failed to capture a good one. So, ya. No photos of my jumping but my bare feet (that’s why Letchu was so embarass to stand there watching me. lol..)


Frankly, it has been a long time since the day I enjoyed as much as this. Thank God that I have completed my final semester with Internship report and Academic Writing. I feel younger, lighter and happier now without any burden that dragged me so closed to ground.




I can again, open my doors for new opportunities that bring me closer to happiness and self actualization. I can again connecting my life again with my family, friends and new contacts.


So, that explain why I have thousands of photos within a week. Emmm… well, that’s just normal for curryegg.. =P


P/s: Brickfields is a good place to hangout for good Indian food, cheap accessories and photography.