16 June 2011

It Feels Good To Know What I Want

It feels good when I am clear with what I want. Probably just an item, a person, a career or a goal in life. It doesn’t matter. They are interconnected because what I am trying to highlight here is the phrase, “I know what I want”.


It creates a satisfactory feeling when confusion and dilemma have been tackled with a clear answer in mind. I feel in charge again with not much cognitive and emotional burdens that prolong the pain of losing the self.


Haha.. It sounds kinda deep here but it actually makes sense to me though I am only relating to my choices in picking a DSLR for myself. Not easy you know? Small issue but the process of decision making is what I care most.


Thus, I am happy to say that I’ve known what I want for my future DSLR baby after long consideration. Though the possibilities in getting one is still kinda low, still I will try. Once you have the direction, it is easier to move on and work on the plans.


photoftheday54 Thank to Jien Hau for the  sharing and teaching. Let’s hope I can be a DSLR kaki soon. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~


So yes! A Canon EOS 60D. If you have any suggestions, comments or supports towards the idea, do leave me a message. I will be happy to hear. Have a good day =)