18 July 2011

Calvin Seet

Like I have promised in my previous post,  this is the man who has caught my heart and making me to believe in love and happiness again. His name is Calvin.


He is my loyal blog reader, as well as twitter follower. Well, I hope he still is… Now, I wonder what will be his reaction when he discover this post. Haha.. No idea.. :)

It actually took me some times, considering whether should I make my love life visible in the blogosphere. Thinking, should I introduce him publicly? And, shall I share some of our stories? Well, I am a type of person who used to be private with my love life where I rarely post up things online about my partner because I don’t want my relationship to be affected, especially by others’ judgment (in fact, I’m still a private person as I care my relationship more). For me, love relationship is a special bonding between two persons who commit for each other. There shouldn’t be other party to interfere the relationship, not other than the couples themselves.

That’s why, you rarely read about my love stuff back then. This time, I found another perspective over this matter. Probably I have found a new lens for my dslr (eyes). Lol.. cold joke.

I am thinking things come and go, as well as human. No one is permanent in this life. We will die one day. Sorry if you are sensitive with the word ‘dying’ but then, it is still a fact of life. We will die one day. Instead of worrying ‘what if’, wouldn’t it be better to cherish every moment using various method – like blog them out here and keep them as good memories? Well, this is my way =)


I realize that no matter how much precaution I take, how much worries I inserted in, if things are meant to happen, they will still happen. We can plan and control things, but the results are in God’s hand. I guess, my life experiences have taught me this lesson – to reduce my ‘worrywarts syndrome’. Well, call me a Virgo.


So, I have invented a new approach of life. I want to be more expressive. Besides, I wanna record down my happy and memorable moments as a sign of gratitude towards others’ love and blessing. At the same time, I wanna create more exciting and meaningful life. Well, how many life do we have? One and the only one. Probably you might interested with this approach. You can head over to old post on Counseling Theory for Existentialism.


I don't know is this a sign of growth or just a small change. Anyway, my main objective here is to appreciate and treasure every blessed moment which I’ve gained, together with the person(s) whom I cared and loved. So ya, I admit. I wanna share my moment with him and he will appear more often in my blog starting from today (in fact, he has already appeared in my blog since some times ago. Well Calv, should I be loved more?) =P

So my dear reader, this is Calvin Seet.



Calvin is an adventurous person, just like me. We appreciate good music, nice food, beautiful scenery, quality time with family & friends and most importantly, time together. I am still considering myself as a lucky person. Why? It’s my secret. shhhhh… =)

May our relationship grow stronger and lovable each and everyday. God bless Smile


P/s: I Love You.