16 July 2011

Funny Things We Did

May and I have a long history where both of us are good in having fun. In fact, emm.. can I use the word ‘sampat’? lol…







Isn’t it good to keep track on our faces? Photos are good. Btw, did we change a lot? I did we are getting more mature physically which is good.


I was browsing through my photo album one morning and so happened, I came across with this old video clip of us. Well, it was taken in my car without May’s prior notice. I remembered it was taken under heavy rain when both of us were trapped in the car. So, we did funny stuff like taking photos and emm… video clip.




It is good to watch this again. I think, it is no harm sharing our 2-years-ago-funny-gestures. Hope you don’t get choked… XD


P/s: I think May hasn’t realized this. I wonder what will be her reaction if she find out I posted this online? Hahaha..