09 July 2011

Like EggieWorld

Hi eggie’s readers. I am back again. This time, I will make a quick post on my mini project which I am currently enthused about.


I have created a Facebook page few months ago and it’s officially functioned since June 2011. Although the number of ‘likes’ are still small, it’s ok because what I am focusing on is the content of the page. I want to make it a place to share about my blog update, quick personal sharing (like status update, video clip, competition & etc), inspiring quote and most importantly, my ‘Photo of The Day’.


Besides, I wish to be more responsive and interactive with curryegg’s blog readers by using Facebook page function. You must have realized I don’t have cbox like before. Too many annoying SPAMs.. =.=!!


Talking about ‘Photo of The Day’, it is my mini project which I have been running since last July (2010) and it is nearing 1 year now. I am limiting my facebook account into a more personal corner, meaning that I only add people whom I know personally. So, not many will be able to enjoy the work which I’ve done, unless I share them in my blog.


Thinking of the limitedness which I am facing currently, I’ve decided to use Facebook page to allow me to connect with my readers who enjoy my work – starting from my writing, personal thoughts, photography and simply ME as a person =)


Here are some of the creation which I have done in my ‘Photo of The Day’ album.



baganlalang2 photoftheday50

photoftheday53  photoftheday58   photoftheday60  photoftheday62



Well, here are just part of the photos from the album. One of the interesting parts is, all photos are taken by me. Most of the quotes are chosen and attached based on my experiences, interpretation or personal thoughts. Which means, all photos created are unique! Do expect for more in the coming days as I am sure that I will always have things to share.


If you like what you see or simply wanna support my hardwork, do visit and like my EggieWorld’s page. Better still, share it around. Oh.. Have I forgotten to tell you this? I have just named my Facebook page as




So, do like my page and be part of the family. Can’t wait to see you there =))


P/s: I’m sorry for not updating my blog that often. I’ve received quite some complains from my loyal readers. Just to give some interesting hints, that I have scheduled some interesting posts for next coming week. Why next week? Well, you will know soon. Stay tune :)