14 July 2011

Greeting From Australia

Hi dear all,


Guess my blog title speaks it all? Yeah. I’m currently in Australia. Thinking of staying my life time here with kangaroo, koala bear, kiwi, apple, orange, avocado and… what else?


Lol.. I am just joking.





Tonight, is my second night in Australia and it is great (though I miss that special someone). I love the environment here, nice people and almost with no pollution country. But then, it is freaking chill here. Cold. Guess what, it is winter now with only 5-3Celsius last night.



Mesmerizing view =D


Anyway, I shall share my experiences in Perth more in coming posts, probably tomorrow or when I am back. Free internet connection at cafe or hotel are none so far. The rest, will need to be charged at an expensive rate – like 1 dollar for 20min. Now I miss Malaysia for free wifi service and my unlimited streamyx (though it is slow sometimes).


Wish me have fun, interesting and safe journey. I will be back with more juicy stories =)


P/s: I have scheduled two posts so far for this week. Do check them out! ^^

P/s/s: Pray and hope that I can see kangaroo and koala bear.