29 October 2011

Love For My First Bootz

Lately, I have this mood for boots.
Well, I should say I’ve fallen in love with boots ever since my first visit to Perth, Australia during in the month of July. Gosh! This has reminded me about my long postponed plan to blog about my Perth trip. Oh my.. =X


My mum got me these boots for $19 (after discount). Thank you mum! It costs about RM62.70 in Malaysia ringgit. I don’t know are they consider cheap but my friends said they are! So, I assume I got a good bargain for a high heel with fish mouth booths! ^^



That is when my interest for boots begin and I like seeing myself wearing one because firstly, it makes me look classic. Next, I feel myself look stylish. Lastly, it make my feet look smaller (I have square, wide feet).


Another thing is, I start to learn wearing lagging. I know I might sound funny to some of you. Frankly, I didn’t dare to wear lagging because it looks somehow weird when seeing a pair of black, tight object from the above. Don’t you feel weird too? Anyway, it matches well with a pair of boots. I learned this fashion from the Australian. Guess, I can call this cross-culture ;)



Seriously, they look great in their winter outfit! I mean the Australian! I love their dress up which is simple and stylist. Too bad, I can’t wear that in Malaysia or I will be killed by those thick and warm material under the hot sun~


I love my first boots from my mum. Again, thank you mummy =D


P/s: Although high heel boots are pretty, they can be very painful to your leg muscles when they’re wore in a long period of time. They say, no pain no gain – which is true =/


Sorry for my wrong calculation. The boots price has been corrected. It’s about RM62.70.