11 October 2011

Birthday Celebration At Zen Japanese Restaurant, Sunway Pyramid.

It has been one and a half month ever since my 24th birthday. I would say, I have a very fulfilling and fabulous birthday celebrations and it happened for 5 times before it last. My first celebration was with June and Letchu. Second with Irene. Third with Calv. Forth with May. Fifth with the surprising groups.


It sounds crazy, doesn’t it?
5 times and they were all well-spent.


This happened when everyone is getting busy with work, unlike me… :(
Anyway, I am glad to have spent one Friday night with Mamak this year as most of the time, we skipped the chance.




Mamak or who known as May brought me to Zen Japanese Restaurant at Sunway Pyramid for authentic Japanese food – especially for raw salmon! Roooooarrrrr!!



My favorite bowl of raw salmon with avocado and salad. They all mix well, surprisingly! =D

may4 Yum… ^^


Seriously, I have fallen in love with Zen’s food. They are all fresh and taste really awesome! Their salmon sashimi is so thick with beautiful texture. Each bite is so springy and you will find your tongue playing with the food before they melt on your taste bud! Oh my… I miss my time at Zen Japanese Restaurant and I swear with all my heart!


may5  may6  may7


I like the ambience here. They have this Japanese feels. Unique and cozy. But kinda packed when the crowds is too big.


This is Mamak who will appear occasionally in my blog.. ^^


may11   Simply gorgeous~



We purposely dressed gorgeously that night in order to celebrate our day together besides for my birthday. We believe that dressing up is one of the ways we appreciate, respect and love ourselves. Also, it’s a way to boost up our confident as a lady (ah! I’m a lady by now. Call me beautiful and not cute k? tqvm >.< )



We were lucky to have one of the waiters to help us snap a picture during billing (that’s one of the best time to get help. lol..)


I always say that, happy time passes fast. You wouldn’t aware the night ended so fast when you spent quality time together with your loved one, including your buddy. And I still agree with my statement.



Lights decoration during Hari Raya at Sunway Pyramid

may17    A very unique advertisement by M.A.C


Portraits style. Creative.


We both actually very reluctant to end our night that soon because it’s hard to meet each other. Thus, we spent time wandering around the mall and continued chit chatting although all shops were already closed. Like usual, we did some photo shooting sessions in the mall. She always says, “This is so curryegg” and often, I just smiled naughtily at her… =P


The results are good and I love what we got.






meandmay3   meandmay2 




may30  me 

I love my heels seriously! I have never owned any gorgeous heels before this because mum discouraged me to have one. She said it will hurt the legs. Well, I do agree but still, girl needs at least one pair, right?


Mamak, I know you have heard this thousands of time. Somehow, I worry you will forget. Thus, let me berleter sekali lagi. Thank you for the treat (I know it’s pricey!) and time you’ve reserved for me. I am really happy till now. Recalling those wonderful moments and blogging them now curve a smile on my face. You’re truly an angelic friend I have. Thank you for being my friends. I love you for whoever you are (and I am sure you know it).






Looking forward for more quality time with you.
Love you!


P/s: Zen Japanese Restaurant serves quality food with good service. Wish to go there again but then, it’s kinda pricey. Ahhhwww… I miss their fatty raw salmon!


*update* This post has been updated with 4 additional photos.