04 October 2011

Love At The Door

Do you know what is the best gift from a lecturer who has taught me for 3 years?
Or should I ask, what will make me touched and cried for the rest of my life?


Lol. It seems like I am exaggerate my words but then, that’s how I feel when I saw THIS:



Closer view:



It was last Thursday, when Dibah visited the faculty and thought of giving Dr. Diana (The Queen) a visit at her office. Unfortunately, she was not there and we thought of leaving the place and visit her another day. Before we left, to our surprise, we spotted our name on her office door!


Ahhhwww… isn’t she lovely? She remembered us and make her greeting at the door. Seriously, I have never thought of a lecturer will have the time and heart to make this effort. It’s just… so.. touching. I can feel my existence in her heart and, be remembered and appreciated. That’s why, all my coursemates and I love her so much because she did so many things for us in the past 3 years, not just love on the door but on food, paper, movie and her teaching as well.


door2  I am her supervisee for academic research (thesis). That’s why my name is there =D


I will remember our Pizza Day, Movie Day, Art Day and Make-Up Day for the rest of my life. She is so generous, loving and wise. I bet, everyone in the class, even my junior agree with my statement. I am telling the truth~


I promise myself that one day, when I am an educator, I want to care and love my students like my Dr. Diana. Never be ego so that I am able to understand and learn from my students. That’s a piggy promise I make for myself.



Thank you Dr. Diana for your love not just at the door but in the air too. I will see you on the stage tomorrow!

P/s: My convocation is tomorrow afternoon at  UM. I can’t believe that the BIG DAY is arriving! If you can come, do let me know =D