20 October 2011

Which Comment Systems Better?

Dear readers,


Lately I’m playing with the blog commenting system but not aware that I’ve changed the setting. Before I thought of correcting my mistake, I found a number of quality comments where my readers responded to the question with their personal sharing. I am really happy and excited with comments I received lately from you!

I am serious!!! =D


It’s been a year I’ve not received much comments and I thought you don’t love me anymore… *sob*

However, from this incident, I realize I might be wrong (please prove me wrong and tell me you still love me) *desperate mode*


I remembered that there were several times I received complain from my friends that they couldn’t comment because the system failed to post their writing. After several attempts, they gave up and chose to sms or send me message in FB instead.


I don’t know if this happen to you too? I really wish to know so that I have an idea on how to handle this matter. So here is the question. Which comment system below is better?


1. Disqus


Example of this system: Have I Made You Smiled?


2. Blogger



comment2 copy

Example of this system: An Effort Exchanged A Smile


Here is a poll to on these 2 systems and I really hope to hear from you. Please help me to figure out which one I should use in the coming blog posts. I am really undecided at the moment.



I can’t deny that each of your response mean a heaven to me although people keep on saying, “blog for yourself and not for others”. Well, yes and no for certain extend. For me, blog works both sides and the experience is more meaningful when there is ‘give and take’ situation.

Looking forward to hear from you soon. Thank you dears~


P/s: Coming post on Cheers 2 Art. Stay tune.