18 March 2008

Bye Bye £6,000 Dimond Ring

Anybody had heard about this news?
A romantic man who was trying to give his girlfriend a surprise by putting the diamond ring in a silver helium balloon lost the balloon when he just left the flower shop.

Read this:

Lefkos Hajji, 28, wanted to make his engagement one his girlfriend would never forget, only to have his dreams cruelly snatched from his grasp by a gust of wind.
Rather than simply dropping to one knee before Leanne, 26, he told a florist to put her engagement ring in a silver helium balloon.

But no sooner had he left the shop when his plans backfired spectacularly and the balloons blew away - taking the ring with them.
Keeping his prize in sight, Mr Hajji, from Hackney, London, pursued the balloons for two hours in his car across London before giving them up as lost.

Resources from telegraph.co.uk.

Oh my God! That poor guy just lost his £6,000 ring within second?

When I heard this news on AEC, Astro news yesterday, I was shock. The next thing I knew is, I wanna search for the ring! Lol... I heard the man is hoping that someone who found the ring can return it back to him. Or else, his girlfriend might.... slaughter him? No.. seriously, every female will do the same thing. Right?

£6,000 real D-I-A-M-O-N-D ring man!!!!

I'm counting the probability of the ring return to the poor man.
And the result is....


Come on... No one in
this world will return such a valuable, costy, expensive thing... ACCEPT!!!! The person is really a Darma person... Still, I assume the possibility will be: 0.0001%.I feel terribly sorry to him, and of course his girlfriend. The plan was suppose to be perfect but when it comes to nature, the environment and the God issue... everything can happen.

The moral of this incident?
Don't use the helium balloon. Use the normal balloon instead. Haha.....