30 March 2008

My Freakiest Happy Moment!!!

Hello my curryegg.com readers..
Sorry for not updating my blog recently (And Mr.Wolf you're right. If my blog is not being updated for within 2 days, that's mean I'm facing some problem here..) haha... Well, well... it's not a BIG problem.. Just I'm doing my small project.

First of all, I went back to my hometown to pay a visit to my grandpa's grave. It's 'Ching Ming' right now and majority of the Chinese will pay a visit to grave/graves. It was a tiring weekend to me. However, it was fun because I can meet granny, aunt, uncle and my super intelligent cousin- SW. Haha....

Talking about SW, I should thank him for giving me such a brilliant idea on "My Happy Moment" video clip. He is my director and has helped me a lot for the "AWARDS" stuff.. haha.. Awards? Curryegg got an awards? Curious?
Well, you gotta watch this and find out! Kekez...

This will be my freakiest video clip ever in my life! Remember to leave an "egg" (comment) for me once you've watched this and rate me if you're HAPPY with this video clip. If you realize about the 'happy pink icon' which I've placed on my side bar for weeks, I'm sure you know that I've entered a blogging competition for my Happy moment post. However, this is different. There are 2 categories: Video and post. So, this time I'm trying my luck for a video competition under the same title: Happy Moment.

So, this is the code and remember to vote for me if you're H-A-P-P-Y!!!
5 star will be the highest score
1 star
will be the lowest...

(no matter how many stars you rate me, I'm still happy to receive it because every single star means a lot to me.. thank you...)

Click this and vote. It will lead you to the site:

Click me!!!
Happy - Happy Moments

Thank you and hope you'll enjoy..

(The deadline for voting will be on 7th April 2008. Do remember to vote for me as many time as you want. It's open to everyone... Thank for helping me in achieving my dream....)