23 March 2008

Fresh Scallop In Bukit Tinggi

Anyone knows about scallops?
I never tried fresh scallops before until few days ago.. I tried this dish:

Special dish!
Steam seafood
(scallop, prawn, crab and sea-shell)

Isn't that yummy?!! Of course, only to those who are seafood lover will only cause them mouth watering- like me!
For all this while, I've only tasted dried scallop. Ahhww... I can't forget the taste... yum yum...

Oopss! I've forgotten to add this:

(Note: Do you notice why they present the seafood in such a high steam pot? Reason: The juice of the seafood will drop into the bottom of the pot and the juice will be cook for soup! Yup! Seafood soup!!! They add vegetable into the soup and it tastes great!)

Isn't that awesome?
Where can you find this?

Yup. In Restaurant Bukit Tinggi BBQ.
I found out that this restaurant is beautiful for its design.

You can find all these empty wine bottles surrounding the wall of the restaurant. They used them as the wall! How creative they are!

You can even find umbrellas on top of the restaurant. Creative!
But I prefer a brighter color umbrellas or uni-color umbrella. It looks a bit messy for the colour.
Anyway, the idea is great.. ;)


You can even find bamboo all around the restaurant. It gives a natural environment to the customers.

Hey! I haven't finished....
They have a small garden besides the restaurant.

Look at this fruits...
You will hardly find this fruits in the town.

They named it as 'Bai Xin Guo'
(Hundred Heart fruit? Haha... just trying to translate it in English)

And the yam leaves!
Hehe.... green... ;)

Besides the restaurant, we went to other places as well...
Rural area... somewhere in the village...

Along the way, we came across with this... scary bridge...


River... emm... I will never forget the cold, freezing water..

Harmony... ;)

A small house besides the road?
Rumah Orang Asli?
To my surprise, there are beautiful, high-class condominium in the rural area. Wow... isn't that great? Staying in the place which is surrounded by trees-something green.... no traffic jam.... and fresh air.. Life will not be so stress.... ;)

There is a small town not far from the condominium. You will see majority of the people are the Chinese.

It's great to make a 'cuti-cuti Malaysia' (holiday trip in Malaysia) trip sometimes. You can discover something new along the journey. Who know? You can gain something for blogging?

What're you waiting for?
Plan for a small trip!