09 March 2008

Preparation To Pajama Party- Here We Go!

Hello my Curryegg.Com readers.
How are you today? Fine?

Oh ya.. Here's a good news that I wish to share with you here.
Well, still remember the Pajama Party that I've mentioned to you last Friday? (this post)
I'm being invited to this party on 15th March 2008. Yup. It's on this Saturday.


Woaaa...... That's mean there will be another 6 days to go! What should I do?

1) Rejuvenate my face with a cold mask?

3) Bring along my Chipster?

3) Search for a company to go along with me?

Handsome guy like....
Cristiano ronaldo?

Lee Hom?

Jay Chou?

Or hot chick like....
Lindsay Lohan?

Nicole Richie?

Jolin Tsai?

Well... that's impossible for sure.. haha....
I'm not sure will I get another free ticket from Nuffnang. I desperately want it since I'm not confidence enough to step into the club.. alone... The feeling is difference compare to the previous party at Traffic Jam in PWTC... woa.... 300 nuffnangers will be there man!

4) Find a good garment?

Oopss... I've nearly forgotten. It's a 'bedtime party'. So a pair of pajamas and slippers will do. But wait a minute... I don't have pajamas... I can't wear my mum's pajamas! The size is like... XL? OMG!!! You might not know that the red pajamas is actually my mum's one. Lol.... Isn't that funny?

It's too large for me to wear and go out there.. I'll be caught in the center of attention if I wear the XL red pajamas from my house to Borneo Baruk Club, Kuala Lumpur if I take LRT. Just imagine the reaction of the people around me-from my housing area- LRT station - till the club. Weird~~~

Ho ho......
Maybe it's a good chance for me to promote myself in any magazines or newspaper.. muahaha...