25 March 2008


Have you ever think of your future?

What will you be in another 10 years? 15 years? Or 50 years?
Becoming a successful engineer? teacher? lawyer? housewife? blogger?

Once you've set your goal, how do you wanna reach it?
Push yourself to study harder (if you're still a student)? Work harder to catch your boss attention (so that you will be offered a higher post and salary)? Socialize more and doll yourself (to grab a wealthy-handsome-tall husband)?

If you've set your planned and are working on it, what will be the possibility for success?

Very often, students (like me) puzzle with their own destiny. They seem to be lost with their own goals when excessive number of homeworks, assignments, extra-activities and etc are given, forcing them to finish them within a certain period. Students start to feel stress and emotion with their own lives, causing them to feel life is meaningless...

As a result, they hardly see their future..
blur.. dusty... grey.. (>_<)

Does this happen to your life?

I did! I mean I am under stress right now but don't worry, I'm still on my track- on my way to be a counselor... ;)
I'm not 100% sure whether will I be a counselor in the future but who know I might be one in another few years? Haha... After all, I'm the one who determine my own destiny... right?

So assignments! Homework! Exam!
I'm coming after you!!!!


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