14 October 2009

Black Doesn’t Matter

First of all, I know most of you might be curious with this picture. I know there will be lots of “what?”, “what?” and “what"?”. Well, if you don’t and in a state of acting cool, please… just pretend you look curious. Lol..




Let me tell you. This is a bun. Yes, a bun which you can eat.


Can you make a good guess on it? This is a bun like any ordinary bun with baked cheese on top? I was surprised at my very first glance when Jane brought this for me. I was rushing for my assignment at that moment and it was so kind of her remembering this eggie friend will get hungry easily. 




Just… it doesn’t tempt me to have my first bite, because of the colour. It looks like the bun was done by mistake, something like burnt as a result of over-heating or putting the wrong colour. Lol..




After being persuaded for a number of times by Jane, I agreed and allow myself to have a small bite. It tasted…. emmm……. just like other ordinary bun. However, I could taste that, it was slightly salty. And.. smell good! Overall, it tastes good especially when there was tuna filling in the bun.



Thanks Jane for the new-invention-bun! XD


Don’t ask me what is the ingredients and why it is black in colour because I seriously have no idea on it. If I am hearing it correctly, this bun is made by bamboo? Or charcoal? Gosh. I am confuse now.. =_=


Right after this incident, I had received another surprises and this time was from aunt. She gave me a black moon cake, something which I didn’t expect at al. I wasn’t sure what are the ingredient in making this dark mooncake. What I know is, it tasted good. In fact, it is even tasted better compare to the other type of mooncakes.



Sometimes, I have this perspective that food which is dark doesn’t taste good (expect those which are made from coffee and chocolate) because I always relate it to something bitter. I don’t know why I have this perception but I guess, it is how the adults taught me when I was a kids.


They will say something like, “If you cry again, I will let you eat this dark, disgusting food”. Or, “Watch out at the black spot on the apple. There might be millions of worms in there”.


So, unconsciously, most of the kids including myself have been conditioned with something black or dark equal to danger or something negative. Not our faults ok?




In conclusion,  don’t be stereotype to anyone or anything, including food because sometimes, you might make wrong judgement and miss out the big fun. So, never ever. This is so unfair.




Anyway, I have a question. Which one do you think is darker, the bun or the laptop?






I just received a comment from Samuel in Facebook regarding to this ‘black bun’. He said:


“Actually it's a bamboo that turned into charcoal, it's just like normal charcoal, but normal charcoal is from tree, but this charcoal from bamboo, these bamboo go through natural process not the chemical process, then these bamboo charcoal is made into powder and use in baking, coz they claim that this powder good for digestion as it contains a lot of fiber, good for those who has digestion problem or elderly ppl, I know this from one of the bakery bos la..”


I see. Now I am rest assure to eat this black bamboo bun. Thanks Tatt.. :D