02 October 2009

Sucks RM100 Payment

These few days, I was down- so down that I don't feel like doing anything but to play games. There were some issues revolving around me and I thought there would hardly end until I received a surprising response from a stranger named A in twitter.

2 days ago, I had expressed my dissatisfaction over my 5 months unpaid salary in my micro blogs - plurk, twitter and facebook status. It was posted up right after I had made my last call to the company as I was really pissed off and disappointed with the answer. It wasn't my first time making calls, asking about my work payment after 5 months of waiting. It should be the 15th if not 14th. Well, only twice I managed to approach the person in charged (she was hardly around when I called) but again, I was asked to call back because she couldn't do anything at that moment without the boss signing and approving cheque. Plus, everyone was busy preparing for another project.

So, the phone went dead within a minute of talking.

Well, I have received a lot of responses regarding to this issue in twitter and plurk but I can't explain much in such a petite column. Because of this, I have strong urge to explain my situation more clearly especially when the Chief Executive of the company himself has personally contacted me and promised to look into this matter, which I appreciate a lot.

Long story short, I haven't been pay by a company named Z after working for them, 5 months ago. I was asked to work in an instant because there was one particular girl who failed to turn up on that day. A blogger friend suggested my name to the supervisor. Well, I agreed due to the time, place and good pay. So, I rushed to the location and started working as a promoter.

After the working hour, I was aware that my name and bank account were not asked by the supervisor who left the spot early and deep in my heart, I do feel worry as I might not be paid for what I done. There is no black and white, proving that I was a part-time staff on that particular time and place. So, I tried to call the supervisor several times after work but sadly, no one received. The next thing I could do is to send her sms, asking her what should I do in order to be paid. Again, no response. Not until 2 weeks later, she sms, asking my name and IC. Well, I thought it was a good sign as she remembered my existent. So, I gave her and waited.

I guess my instinct was right because lately, I could no longer waiting for the empty durian tree to fall the fruits down. So, I decided to call the office and approached the person in charge straight away. Still, no action was taken.

Not till when I tweeted a particular phrase of word in my own twitter bar 2 days ago and thing changed after that. The chief executive contacted me and asked me to explain everything from A-Z as he really wish to undertand the real issue behind me. Once I did that, he straight away connecting me to the right staff who could listen and solve my disappointment through email.

The connecting work was done within a day, which I was amazed by how efficient it can be via email, rather than the stupid expensive call. Puff.. While in the process of explaining each situation (both myself and the company named as A), only then I realized I had actually throwing the wrong complains to the wrong company staff. It was the company Z who they hired for event planning should take the responsible, not A.

Ok. Now, this is even more disappointing.

Firstly, I don't think I had been explained clearly by the supervisor before I agreed to work. Secondly, I feel stupid for discriminating company A's product for all this while. I was affected whenever I saw or used A's product. Errrr...... Next, I am angry at myself for agreeing to work without getting a 'good insurance'- that I will get my paid in time according to law.

Everything just sounded so ridiculous and relieving all at once - which I felt so tired in the end. Ridiculous for being treated unfairly and unprofessionally. Relieving as in there is someone who is willing to help me out - the chief. That is also the reason why I don't wanna use the company name and person's name in this post because they have promised to work things out. I don't like making any noise, complaining about others as this is so-not me. But when something really irritating and I could no longer take it anymore, the hot lave will eventually burst out from the mouth of the volcano mountain.

Well, I believe the chief can help me. That is why my headache is slowly going off.

Seriously, I am exhausted in asking for RM100 in each month although I know I deserve the pay. Whenever I am asking for my payment, I feel stupid as in I am making a big Woo-Ha around the office. There are times I feel like giving up because I seriously not knowing much about the company and the system. But I know I should do something in order to fight for my rights, so I can't remain silence.

Among all the jobs I had done before, this is so far the worst I had ever encountered (I mean the system). RM100 for 2 hours but I had to wait like ages...


1) Never work for anyone who you don't know in an instant if you don't have a secure agreement.
2) Never trust company Z after this.
3) Use twitter to lodge your complain after you have tried all the alternatives.

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