09 October 2009

Vote Bei Shan – Maybelline Simply Fabulous Girl

Knowing Bei Shan in person is something which I am really proud of. She is a good friend who I treasure so much in my life as she has taught me a lot within these few years. Bei Shan is a person with strong confident and personality who will never let any negative comments put her down. She has this archetype of a warrior or fighter which I can sense, most of the time. How far this statement is true? Well, ask her.. =P

February 2008

She is a Sarawakian girl who is born with beauty and intelligence. Well, most importantly, she is real and genuineas genuine as the Microsoft. Lol… I have been knowing her like 2 years plus now, since the very first day I learnt that she is both my coursemate and hostel mate. I still remembered those days when the three of us, Shu Huan, Bei Shan and I walking from college (hostel) to classes and classes to college, holding each others umbrella in our hand. We share jokes, laughter, sorrow, anger and disappointment together which are unforgettable.

Can the three of us doing this again- walking side by side, catching each others shadows and calling ‘those’ who are late to class? Can? Can?

Having a friend like her is wonderful because you don’t have to hide any feelings behind the mask. Besides, you will hardly see the shocking true-color of herself popping out after some period of time because…. they are already shown up in the first meeting. That is why, I agree with what she has written in her short biography in the Maybelline Simply Fabulous top 10 finalist page.

Ng Bei Shan, 22

Date of birth:

1st March 1987


Student, Counseling (UM)


To be a whole-rounded person in life, live life to the fullest and to leave positive impact in other's lives. I hope to be an expert in the help profession and to help others to discover their potentials too!

Why did you join this competition:

I joined this competition because I want to experience something new and different. I was attracted to the prize that is to win RM10,000 and a free trip to New York especially the New York Fashion Week which is exclusive. I'd really love to visit NY because it's a city of Liberty and I've always dreamed of going to the states to live my 'American Dream'. So, I hope I can win to be on my way to overseas and open up my eyes! And of course, I'm doing all these because I want to discover my potential which I have overlooked all these while. Like Maybelline's tagline, 'maybe she's born with it, maybe it's Maybelline'.

Seriously, this is my first experience, having a friend who are close to me entering a big reality show and competition like this. This really intrigues me! Also, this is my very first post asking votes from my readers to support my friend.

There are reality shows for this Maybelline Simply Fabulous search in which the shows are about these 10 lucky girls and their journeys to a free trip to New York and RM10,000 as the winner. Oh my.. New York and RM10, 000!

beishan2 copy

I know how much this free trip to New York and RM10,000 mean so much to her in order to achieve her dreams. I have been hearing these several times from her in classes and I know she is serious about it, right girl? :)


So dear readers, do pay a visit to the shows and give your votes to her if you agree with what I have written here. The voting period will end within these 5 days. What are you waiting for?

Go here and start ‘Vote Bei Shan’

Thanks! =)

P/s: How ‘genuine’ she is? Well, you can watch this latest video clip… =)

P/s/s: Bei Shan, I have watched all the uploaded webisodes in 8tv website so far and I just love the way you are. May God bless you all the journey and hope that you can win!

coursemate copy

P/s/s/s: We (the coursemates) are hoping to get a bus to your final. Now.. who should be the driver? Abang Hamka? =P