21 October 2009

Sad. Upset. Disappointed.

I am not in a good mood now. Sad. Upset. Disappointed.
These are the only adjectives which I can think of right now. Never had I thought of my challenging day will be added up with this issue before the new day takes place. Everything seems like changing its own course without much clues.

Or maybe I am the one who are not sensitive enough?

I have no idea where should I begin my story and I don't feel like starting one. All I wish to do is to dump all my sadness and disappointments into this quite corner. Let's make this a rubbish bin post in which I can just throw in whatever words I DON'T WANT. Let it be grammar mistake, incomplete sentence nor wrong use sage of vocabulary.

I don't mind.

I have a real tough weeks starting by last week and I know it will not end until another couple of weeks. Assignments, tests, project, final exams and some personal issues are monopolizing most of my time. Well, I have expected a challenging life in these few weeks and I thought I will be understood. Well, not to some people because they are not in my shoes. Thus, I don't blame anyone because I know, I can't be in anyone's shoes perfectly.

The feeling of sad and disappointment struck me when I am not been given a chance to show my commitment. No one seems to understand whatever I have planned and done and that is really hurtful. I have tried to disclose myself about my own feeling over the issue to the person but failed. The thing is, I don't feel the fairness in the previous conversation as I was not been given a chance to prove myself and now I was blamed for not doing anything? Not caring? Not loving enough?

I guess it is not the right timing yet to show my commitment (whatever I have planned) and get the person for a private talk. Anyway, let me wash away my emotional by having a good nap. I am too tired to think of any good alternatives.

Let me just doze off. Now.

P/s: Je suis tres triste mais Je serai mieux après cela. N'inquiéter pas.


I am waking up rather happy and energetic today. I guess it is my tiredness which affected me to be sensitive. Looking forward for a good week.. :D

Good day everyone!