06 October 2009

Fire Lunar Chateau

Time flies. It really flies before I realized that I am already 22 years 1 month and 5 days old. Oh dear.. will I get wrinkles and grey hair early? Well, in fact, I already have grey hair since I was 12. Sigh.. What a ‘good news’.

Anyway, this post is not meant for complaining my biological changes. It is regarding to the fire lunar chateau which Kevin, May and I built 3 days ago during the Latern Festival on 3rd October 2009.



In fact, it was initially Kevin’s idea to build a mini cooking place for himself. He said it is a man thing. Emm…




Talking about mini cooking using candles and stones, it has reminded me about an essay which I have written years ago as a homework. The title of the essay is, “My Most Unforgettable Memory”. I managed to find my so-called masterpiece and this is how my work sounds like:



I still remember the day when I was being punished by my mum when I was just five. It was an awful experience. No mooncakes, no celebration, no play. It was all because I was playing with fire.


It was a hot, scorching afternoon of the Chinese Mooncake festival when Sally, my neighbour invited me to a nearby field. “Kelly, I am going to show you this”. She showed me three boxes of small colourful candles. “Candles? Oh Sally, We are not suppose to play candles. It’s dangerous”. Sally ignored me. She left me for 2 red, heavy bricks from her house and then started to set up her cooking place. Sally is two years older than me. She has four brothers who will teach her all kind of masculine games. Of course, her brothers wouldn’t play barbie doll with her. Anyway, playing with candles was a big no-no for me, especially at my age.


She put two bricks parallel to one and another, leaving a small gap in between the bricks. Then, she put a candle in the gap. Soon, she took an old aluminum cover of a biscuit tin (probably from Milo tin) and put in on top of the stable bricks, just above the mini candle. Next, she took out a box of matches and lit up the scary object.


I felt guilty to join. However, the cooking games had really intrigued me. The temptation was so high that I couldn’t resist any longer. I finally gave in when the aroma of the ‘pandan’ leaves which she used were so pleasant. She melted some of the candles on the flat aluminum cover as the cooking oil while ‘pandan’ leaves as the food.


We played for the whole afternoon until the only candle left. All of the three boxes of candles were finished but we still wanted to play. We tired to find some solutions but not too long, I managed to come out with a mischievous idea. I wanted to steal my birthday cake candles at my home. I remembered that there were 5 pink candles left on my dad’s table. There were my birthday candles which had been kept weeks ago.


I quickly dashed to home and silently took all the candles. But, wait a minute! There was one box of colourful, petite candles just like sally under my pink candles. I was so grateful at that moment. “God! You have saved me”, I whispered. Mum was cooking in the kitchen and it was my perfect time doing the stealing work. Immediately, I took all of them with me and rushed back to Sally. Sally was so surprised to see the candles but happy at the same time. We continued our games until Sally’s mum asked her back for dinner.


Seriously, I had my most wonderful day..I thought at first. Everything was fine until the moon took over. Every Chinese neighbors including my family were preparing to join the latern procession which was held by the neighbourhood society. I was so excited to use my new, pink-in-colour, rabbit shaped latern and I couldn’t wait to join other children. Crowds were everyway and I could see every children was holding their own colourful latern on their hands. The remembered the moon was so round and bright. The procession will start in any minutes.


As I was so excited to join the crowds, suddenly my mum stopped us and asked my dad in an astonished tone, “Dear, where are the candles? We need to use them for Kelly’s latern”. Oh my God! My heartbeat started to pump furiously. Mum was going to find out my stealing candles attempt. And soon, she will know I played with fire. Well, I think you can guess what happened next.



Well, this story is based from my real life experience just, I am faking my age and the name of my friend (Sally) because I couldn’t remember my age and my childhood friend’s name. It is a good childhood memory because I gained both joy and pain in the very same day.. =_=


Anyhow, I am grateful because I am already in my sweet 20s and mum can no longer stop me from playing CANDLES… Muahahaha… XD




It was great that both May and Kevin could come over to my house in order to celebrate our very first Mooncake festival in Malaysia. Wait. Am I from Myanmar? Thailand? Korea? Emm.. I mean in Kuala Lumpur. Back in my secondary school moment, May and I used to celebrate this festival in together in our hometown but not this time when both of us have moved to the city which never sleeps. Well, this time was even merrier because we have a new companion – Kevin. Too bad, Eric couldn’t come.. =(


Anyway, we had a very wonderful moment when Chinese tea, mooncake and music were served (by me). Not to forget May’s 2 boxes of candles which were sponsored by her. Thanks dear. You have reminded me about my ‘most unforgettable moment’. Lol.. =P






Kevin had built 2 small buildings when his creating-a-cooking-place-attempt had bored him within half an hour. This was how the first mini building look like before the ‘earthquake’ happed. All the hot stones fell within seconds. (He accidentally knocked on a stone)



Having a strong level of motivation in himself, Kevin determined to build another building. This time, we, the girls helped him by consulting (May) and looking for better stones for him (me) to build a more stable one. Hehe…

And this was how the second masterpiece look like. I called it the Fire Lunar Chateau (Fire Moon Castle). Why? Emm… because it was built together with the element of fire during Mooncake festival and it does look like a castle.. Emm.. sort of. So, Fire Lunar Chateau was named by me.


The Open Ceremony event.. *clap clap*

After the opening, none of us failed to grab a few photos of ourselves with the chateau. It was indeed a beautiful moment under a romantic atmosphere (when soft music was played with candles light).





I love the moment of being togetherness as it has reminded me about the close friendship which we used to have. There was a time I felt so far from her as a result of our busy schedules and distance factors. Somehow, a simple gathering and a short meeting could strengthen back the bond. Isn’t that amazing? Well, maybe I can share this part of the story a bit deeper in another post. It believes it is something worth to be shared… =)

Well, the excitement continued with more and more photography sessions. Lol.. This is what I call the ‘new generation’ adolescence.. =P



latern19 Oh dear.. they really look like husband and wife. That is so sweet.. <3


It looks different from the top. Doesn’t the chateau looks like emm… shit? Oopss… Excuse me.. But seriously, don’t you think so? Sorry Kevin. Better view it from the sides or front or even back. Lol.. Definitely not the top!

Here are another few collection of photos which I love so much.

latern26 Theme: Hopes


Theme: Natural


Theme: Pig.

*running away*

Lol… I know I am going to be slaughtered once they found out. Anyway, thanks for coming and spending such a fantastic moment with me. It will definitely been stored in my long term memory. *hugs*

Thanks and wishing you guys all the best. Oh ya. Thanks for the singing belated birthday card. It is lovely and I love it. Now, where is my belated present? =P

*running to bed and pretending to snore*