25 October 2009

Id, Ego, Superego In Me.

I can sense a very strong impatient feeling here. Yes. Here.


Cool down everyone. I know I am a bit late in revealing the answer. Well, blame my tight schedule which has been conquering most of my time ever since the beginning of the month. Final exam is just a stone throw and I have to reduce my online time for assignment, presentation and exam. That’s the basic routine a student will do right?


Anyway, I am here to reveal the long-await-answer.  Before that, I would like to express my feeling towards the guesses which some of you had made in my previous post. Seriously, I am really amazed reading your answer because majority of you are guessing the right artwork. Oh dear… I feel like… I feel like… you guys understand me more than I understand myself. What happen?


This is my masterpiece.


curry2 copy


A day before the Co-curriculum Day, I was hit buy a gigantic word called ‘stress’. I had no idea on what I wanna paint in that small, square canvas. Seriously, I didn’t like drawing portrait, object nor figure. They are so…… boring. Plus, I am not good in drawing them (need lot of practice). So, it took me half a day to come out with this brilliant idea, which is to create another abstract work.




I love creating abstract art so much and I just realize there are always the same similarities appear in most of my artworks. The colour like yellow, green and blue will definitely be used and those circular shapes will surely be in the picture. I would say, I have found my own drawing style and that is why I am calling them, the Egg Art.


Of course, there are always stories behind my artwork. Every colour and strokes resemble the hidden feelings and messages in me. Again, I am using Sigmund Freud’s idea on his Structure of Personality to express my feelings. To some of you who know Psychoanalytic Theory well, I believe you know the concept of ‘iceberg’ – id, ego and superego, yes? I am using this concept and apply it into my drawing.



    • Id Yellow (The inner child in me)
    • SuperegoGreen ( The judger)
    • EgoDark blue ( The CEO)



I am pretty impressed with my work seriously. Firstly, it was done within a day. Secondly, it is something which I want to express in my work (although it doesn’t turn out exactly like what I had planned earlier). Thirdly, no one seems to understand my art. Muahahaha.. This is seriously what I want.


Our Fine Art mini gallery was held in a large hall in my university. Never had I thought of the hall will be crowded with visitors who were mainly the students. One of the experience which I love the most is where I started to talk to my coursemates (fine art). Being in the class for almost 12 weeks, I had never initiated any conversation with new friends (well, got little lar…) because, my mind was always circulated with the same questions:


“When can I go back?”

“When can I go back?”

“When can I go back?”


Being in a 5.30pm class on every Tuesday was really tiring especially when you have classes starting at 8am. The brain wasn’t as fresh as in the morning, so I shouldn’t be blame for this, right? =P


Here are some pictures on the Co-curriculum Day in my university. It was so happening where you could find lot of interesting student’s works, dances and performances. Unfortunately, I failed to capture much photos during in this event because I was hopelessly busy and exhausted… =(



DSC04660   DSC04663


DSC04665 All of us working together in setting up this mini booth. I call this team work.



 DSC04671 Ammar, Kit Yen, Aileen and June came over to our booth to have a glimpse on our artworks. Lol.. thanks a lot my dear friends.. :)




Other interesting booths and performances.


DSC04678  DSC04680   





Anyway, I still managed to capture a group picture with few of my classmates during in the final class. Sad emotion set in when I realized that it will be our last moment being together. I guess I will not be able to see these ‘little Da Vinccis’ again in future, except in Facebook? Lol…




So, let’s come back to my ‘Id, Ego, SuperEgo and Me’ artwork.


I thought these similarities will not been seen by anyone and I was wrong. My readers can sense them. MY READERS CAN SENSE MY WORK!!!


Gosh. Now I am scared because you seem like knowing me better than I know myself. Oh dear.. oh dear..