11 November 2009

Charity Jam Session 09

Last Sunday, my parents and I had attended a charity event called the Charity Jam Session 2009 at Hilton Petaling Jaya hotel. It was held in Uncle Chilli’s which in my opinion is a mix of bar, club and restaurant. The place is great for hang out but never had I known that the charity was held in such a wonderful place where you can get live band, hot DJ, good lighting and most importantly, clean washroom (as it reflects their hygienic condition). For more photos on Uncle Chili’s visit here.




At first, I thought the food-selling activity will be held in an open-air area like car park or field. Thanks to my mum for giving me the wrong information at the very first place. That was how the ‘big surprise’ been created and I kinda like it. Surprise.. :)



Mum took this picture. Thanks mum.


I didn’t capture much photos at Uncle Chilli’s because my camera battery died after few shoots. I must be too busy till I had forgotten to charge it. Sigh.. what a waste. I can say dad and mum have fallen in love with this place especially when the bands played their favorite songs – the oldies. Mr Egg (my dad) just couldn’t stop himself from singing while Mrs Egg’s (you know who she is) hands kept on clapping. And me? Emm.. keep on drinking and eating. Lol..




Although those songs (like Hotel California) wasn’t my cup of tea, I still enjoyed the atmosphere. Just, I hate smokers – extremely spoiled my mood.  They will never be concern with the second-hand smoker like me. Never will. Well, what to do because this place has no sign for ‘no-smoking’. I guess bar and club is meant for smokers. So, no comment.


Dad: When are you going to drink beer?

Me: Stop looking at my orange juice and smile at the camera!


There were lot of adults like my parents age hanging around in this bar. I believe those adults are the many ones who can afford this RM10 coupon per beverage or food coupon. To enter, you have to pay at least RM10 too. I am thinking of earning big bucks right now which will allow me to give charity like this too. Emmm… how many years from now ya?



I believe the organizer, Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (UMMC, KL) has done a real good job for running this charity by witnessing the crowds in the first few hours. We left early as I still have subjects which I need to concentrate on for my final in this week. I seriously hope that the unfortunate ill children from newborn to 14 years old can receive help from the crowds using the received funds.




I wish to see these kids someday, to understand and give them help– if only if I am prepared of dealing with death. That is what the co-founder, Lucy told me. 2 words: BIG CHALLENGE. What do you think?




P/s: I seriously need a cut for my hair after my last paper which is next week. Oh, this has reminded me about, “Cut already?”. “Sudah potong?”. Lol..