20 November 2009

The Popeyes Day. Oops, I Mean Ours Day

I am so wanting to call this our the ‘Popeyes Day’ as I realize I have deeply fallen in love with the Popeyes’s smash potato, coleslaw and crispy fried chicken since my first visit. Oh dear.. I am salivating in the middle of the night! Scary!


Of course it was nothing if compare to my dearest coursemates as they are yummier, crispier and tastier. Lol. What happen to me?! It sounds like I have eaten my coursemates before this. Oops! I am Jennifer (Megan Fox latest movie). Muahaha… XD


coursemate5 copy

I am still wondering, why do I posed myself with the Popeyes tomato sauce? Must be K.Yen’s idea. Lol.. =P


Yesterday, my coursemates and I had finally ended our 5th War (final paper) and had spent a fantastic day together in one of the big malls (Midvalley if you are interested to know). We were like as free as a bird, flying and chirping happily around. If you are asking for another metaphor, I would say like “a prisoner who has been granted for 1 month break after years of being jailed”. Assignments, projects and tests had chained us for months and now we have gained the key for freedom finally!






Well, it wasn’t that bad seriously. I mean my 5th semester in Counseling course wasn’t that bad. It is just that I had been spending serious moments for my studies and hardly had fun time in between of those craziest and busiest periods in the semester. I am a dedicated student, ok? Lol.. trust me.. *wink*




So, 18th November 2009 was one of our important days (or just me?). We chatted, laughed, joked, ate, sang, danced, teased, watched, shopped and cried like crazy. I felt like I was a mad lady, laughing and joking none stop in the fast food restaurant, The Popeyes. Sorry my dear friends. I was seriously out of control that moment. My ‘inner child’ was encouraging me to do so.. *wink wink* :)



In the end of the day, we had watched the 2012 movie together and guess what? Most of us were so touched with the story. I cried almost each plot. If it was not because of the eyeliner and mascaras on my eyes, I would definitely sobbed with K.Yen since the more, the marrier? =P




The 2012 movie has taught me a lot about people, life and death. It has shown me how human can be either noble or selfish when it comes to survival; how life becomes short when death is approaching; the power of nature. It has also reminded me that love, relationship and humanity are important in human’s life. No matter how much fame, money and status you have achieved in current life, everything will gone once you die. Not to mention when the end of the day arrives.



I believe this new insight which I have gained from the movie has encouraged me to be more daring and consistent in increasing the volume of my voices in this blog as I want to be heard – especially by my family, friends and people who cared about me. I want them (you) to feel my love for you.


So my dear coursemates, thanks for being such a good mates through out these few years and I am glad to have you guys in my life. Those ups and downs moments will not been forgotten. Hope to see you girls soon! Safe journey back to your hometown and please, plan another date for movie and The Popeyes again. Lol.. XD





Gosh. I am hungry now.. Come back and feed me.. T.T


P/s: To my other coursemates who have missed this fun moment, don’t worry. We will go out together in next semester. A better and organized plan should be made earlier before the War 6. Promise.. :)