17 November 2009

The Sixth Sense That I Want!

A friend in Facebook, Susan used to ask me before about the differences between sixth sense and instinct. I couldn't recall much on what I had answered her last few months but I remembered in the end of the discussion, I got confused. So, I suggested her to visit the Wikipedia or books to get better and trustable information. At the same time, I promised if I have come across with any information about sixth sense and instinct I will inform her.

To my surprise, as I was doing some visiting to my friends' blogs in this cold morning, I came across with this stupendous video clip from @NileshBabu about the future 'Sixth Sense'. This is the 'Sixth Sense' I am looking for, not just touch screen iPhone or easy access BlackBerry. This future technology is going to be our extra senses and even strengthen our instinct. You know what I mean if you watch this. Some cool scenes which I love so much.

I guess I am a bit out-dated with the news since it has been published like 8 months ago. How not geek I am, I know. Anyway, it is better late than never right? Lol..

P/s: I wonder, will my curryegg name appear on my body if the TED device scan over me? Emm..