23 November 2009

What Does CurryEgg Mean To You?

Lately, I am doing a short survey about ‘What is your first impression when you hear about CurryEgg’ in Facebook and Twitter. I posted this short update in the status bars and almost similar comments were received from my friends and twitter followers. Frankly, most of the comments are real stomach-aching-ones.. *giggles*


vcvc copy eggd copy

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The very first similarity which I can spot from the comments is mainly about “FOOD”. Or something which relates to spiciness or eggie shape. It causes me to stun for a few seconds, wondering if I have looked like an egg or smelled like curry in these 2 years ++ ever since I owned http://curryegg.blogspot.com.


Well, was I?



Or am I?


If that is the case, I should start considering myself to be a full time food blogger where you can only witness me enjoying food.


P/s: I will be owning a new domain soon. Don’t know how it works and how to make it works. Anyway, curryegg.com is going to born for sure… finally…   Good news?

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