30 November 2009

Sexual Disorders Map

Studying Abnormal Psychology in this semester is one of the most pleasurable subjects I would say. Pleasurable as in I get to explore, discover and understand many types of disorders which I have never encountered before like dissociative disorderssomatoform disorders, schizophrenia disorders, anxiety disorderssexual disorders and etc. Well, I have heard and read about those disorders in my first year when I took the Introduction of Psychology class. Just, it wasn’t as deep as this time.


One of the good things studying Abnormal Psychology is that I can start to understand people around me better by observing their behaviors and analyzing their cognitive thinking. It includes people whom the public normally view them as weirdo’ or strange people’.  For example, cases like when a person tells you that he can hear invisible voices and see figures where the normal eyes can’t see; change mood dramatically from being happy to sad without proper reason; shout hysterically at strangers; scare of being in the lift and  love stealing women bras and underwear.


If you have ever come across with these people, don’t straight away jump into conclusion that it is something to do with superstitious reasons – like spirit, ghost, demon and etc. It might have something to do with the dysfunctional sides of the brains – mostly it’s related to biological and psychological reasons. That is why the researchers are still doing their job.


Anyway, let us put this topic aside about the dysfunctional part. I am not a soon-to-be a psychiatric you see. Except if I want to be a clinical psychology (in another few years or decades, maybe?). This time, I wanna share with you my Sexual Disorders Map, a map which is called mind map. Lol..




Weeks before this, when my Abnormal Psychology test was around the corner, I did a quick mind map to memories every disorders which have been taught in the class. Well, Eric did ask me on why I wasted my time writing and drawing mind map? For your and his information, I am a kind of person who can’t memorize words. I need a story and drawing to help me in understanding, thus allowing me to memorize. So, creating mind map which is invented by Tony Buzan has boosted up my memory capacity, instead of writing dull traditional notes.


General information

Sexual Disorders includes:

  1. Transvestic Fetishism
  2. Fetishism
  3. Exhibitionism
  4. Voyuerism
  5. Pedophilia
  6. Sexual masochism
  7. Frotteurism
  8. Sexual sadism



The day when I was about to enter the exam hall (a last minute scanning activity), I brought along my mind map and Dayang, one of my coursemate saw my map and started laughing on those sketches which I made. She seemed to impress with my so call ‘masterpiece’ for this sexual disorder notes. Others who heard our dialogues came near us and started showing disbelief expression.



Soon, I started to wonder..  “Is the map so funny?”


sexual1   I personally think that  it is not that 18XL nor 18SL right?



Anyway, it really helps me in answering those questions which related to sexual disorders. Hey, I am an expert in this chapter! Emm.. I mean theoretically.