07 November 2009

Why Do You Keep Photos?

Still remember when is the last time you print your last picture in any photo shop? Wait, maybe I should ask, do you know what is a photo shop means? Not Adobe Photoshop software silly. I mean photo printing shops like Kodak, Fujifilm, Konica and etc where they take your order either by hardcopy (film roll) or soft copy in your thumbdrive or CD.


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I am asking this because I realize many of the new generation kids don’t really know about film roll nor photo printing shop. What they know are transferring all the pictures from the digital camera into computer, then upload them into Flickr, Photobucket, Facebook or blog. There are no reason for them to learn about something out-dated. Yes? Gosh. Now, I sound like so old.


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Back then, before the digital devices and Web 2.0 start ruling the world, I know there are a lot of people who love collecting printed photos in photo albums or in scrap books. Well, I am one of those many people.  



You will be amazed with the total number of photo albums I have just to keep my childhood photos. If it is not 10, it should be 12. I believe one photo album can keep at least 100 pieces of 3R printed photos. Remember, there is no digital camera in the 90’s. Films are the only medium which can be used to capture every colour.



I guess the number of photos I have including both printed (hard copy) and non-printed photos (soft copy), they already exceed 10,000. Ever since I own a digital camera, emmm…. the number shoot up drastically, better than stock market. lol..


Spot me?



Never ask me why I have so many pictures ever since I was small. I guess that is how my dad ‘trained’ me to be his petite model? =P




Now, there is a question popped up in my mind. I wonder, why there are many of us who love keeping photos? Well, including both printed and non-printed photo.


  • Is it merely to keep all those sweet moments with our love ones?
  • Is it to remember every footprint we have made in places we had been to?
  • Is it for money?
  • Is it to let others know that you are as ‘cool’ as they are to have hundreds of photos in Facebook?



Thus. I am cool.


My reason is more into keeping memory with people who I cared and treasured the most. While looking at the pictures I have kept so far in one fine afternoon, I was filled with nostalgia for my moments with grandma.  I remembered how she cared and pampered me each time I cried when I was still a kids. Although she was not here anymore after leaving us for 1 year ++ , the picture of her is still properly been kept in my mind. I still remember her face, her eyes, here height and her voice. I am glad I still keep this picture.



Miss her so much.


How about you? Do you like keeping photos? A Photo Maniac? Do they bring you sweet or bitter memory? Please feed my curiosity. It is in hunger.... :)