02 November 2009

Shh.. It Is Her Secret.

There was one fine morning, a girl who named Kelly was cleaning the house with her mum. While they were cleaning a room, an unexpected conversation took place. Her mum indirectly revealed a secret – a dark secret of a ‘young’ mama.


“How old are you?”


“Why are they here?” *annoyed*




“Because.. because… because I need them” *innocent tone*

“Didn’t mama tell you that you’re a grown up girl?”

“Emmm….. so?”

“So? You’re asking me SO?”

“Well… yes.. So?”

“You’re 22 years old my dear and you should get rid of those puppies on your bed. Oh ya, and your bantal busuk too. Get rid of them!!!!”. "*stern look*

“But.. but.. mama.. why? I can’t sleep without them!”

“Gosh! How are you going to get married? Your future mother-in-law must be blaming me for not teaching you correctly. Now, give me all those puppies or else, no dinner tonight”.




Please mama. No! PLEASE, NO! Take my dinner and not my puppies. They are my presents. But you can throw the brown one”.




“Wait a minute.. that brown puppy looks familiar. Hey! IT’S MINE!!! How dare you. Since when you kidnap my puppy?”


“Emmm.. mum.. you should throw your puppy away or no dinner tonight”.


Uurrgggghh.. Shut Up!!*angry tone*







I thought it is my chance to revenge but sadly, I am still the loser. I wonder, why can’t I keep my puppies… but she can?