24 November 2009

Single To Double Eyelid?

Still remember my previous post on ‘The Unspoken Dark Secret’? There is a small part in which I promised to share my silly story about the pink eye clips invented by the Japanese. I wonder how many of you have come across with this kind of clip?




It was about a year ago when I came across with these clips during in the month of December in a shop name S+J. They sell lot of cute stuff like Coca-cola classic clock, soft toy, voodoo doll photo frame and etc. But never had I thought of they will sell double eye lids stickers and this so called ‘special effect clips’. They will turn boring single eye lids into seductive double eye lids. Well, this is what I thought in the very first place.


eggie 038


I did try to put them on my eyes, hoping to make the type of eyes I want. It is not that I am not appreciating my eyes. No no no. I am grateful as I am allowed to witness the beauty of the world, not living in total darkness. It is just that……. double eye lids make someone look fresher and more attractive. If you don’t believe me, try to look in the magazine and count the number of double eye lids female models or observe the artist in the television show. Aren’t they just… too many? How about the single lids? Emmm… no idea.


eggie 040


If it is not because of my parents and relatives who kept on complaining about the size of my eyes, small, unattractive when I was a kids, I would not feel incomplete till now. So, watch your words when you are talking to kids. You have no idea how much it affects their growing process. I remembered my mum told me that she is not my biological mum. She picked me up from a nearby garbage and keep me as her child. Thus, I don’t look like her nor my dad who have bigger eyes. Old trick.. =_=




I thought using these clips and sticker will make my dream come true. Sadly, it is not that easy. In fact, it turned my eyes look older. I had more wrinkles although they did look bigger. Those unnatural triple eye lids had stopped me from trying, again.




I guess I don’t know how to use these little helpers and I have stopped using them ever since the first attempt. Maybe I still like my single eye lids as they are still naturally fabulous. All I have to do is to learn the correct way to sharpen my small eyes using cosmetic products (pencil, eye shadow, mascara and etc).





By the way, my eyes are unique right?




Say yes.

Or else, you will affect my adulthood… =P


P/s: Thanks to my vision impairment (blind) friends who have taught me the real beauty of the eyes. I will remember this, I promise.