20 April 2008

Exam Hall On Fire?

Tit titt..
Tit titt..

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"Curryegg.. can you go to umisisweb to check that where we have to sit for our APK? Coz the exam hall was burnt"
From Sister Shu.
18:19 20/04/2008

I was stunned when I read the message. I just couldn't believe what I'd read. The large exam hall in University of Malaya was on fire? Serious? Is this a kind of.. Candy camera joke?

Soon, I know it was not a joke after entering the website. All the schedule for the location has changed including mine. I was curious to know what had actually happen to the hall. Was that an accidence? Vandalism? Terrorism?
None of my friends know about it, not even me.

I should find things out once I reach the hall tomorrow, after my first 2 papers. OMG! Exam! Gotta go now. Have to prepare myself for revision. Wish me luck!

P/s: I'll reply your comments asap! (as soon as possible). Promise!