17 April 2008

Singapore Has Beaten Malaysia?

Singapore Has Beaten Malaysia?
What's the news here?

If you're concerned with the daily news, you will know what is happening in Singapore. They have finally launched their largest Ferris Wheel in the world- 160 meter. *congratulation!*
Now I've more reasons to visit Singapore.
"Mum, buy me an air ticket to Singapore!"

Singapore Flyer

(Note: I'm looking for the real photos of The Singapore Flyer. Waiting.. )

It may be a good news to Singapore but not Malaysia. What will happen to Malaysia's mini Ferris Wheel- 60 meter? Will there be any tourists since Singapore is located not far away from Malaysia.

Eye On Malaysia

Oh great. So Singapore has finally beaten Malaysia's ferris wheel base on its size and design. Well, it shouldn't be a big problem right since the view in Malaysia and Singapore is completely different. Different view will have different attraction right? (trying to convince myself-lol..)

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Somehow, Singapore wheel will not be the world's tallest for long as the 208-metre high wheel in Beijing will be operating soon by the summer Olympics in 2008. Wow! 208 metre? That's so... so... tall!
"Mum... I've changed my plan. Save my ticket for Beijing!"