24 April 2008

How Fast Are Your Fingers?

People love to compare among each other. If you're not, believe me that people around you will compare you with other people too.

Let take some examples, your mum loves to compare between you and your siblings based on height, weight, nose, hair, academic achievement and monthly income.

Your friends challenge you to run 400 meter with them and determine who will be the fastest.

Your girlfriend is asking you to change your car to a better one so that she will not been look down by her friends. Why these happen?

In blogosphere, people tend to compete for higher ranking, higher readers, higher blog income and etc. Based on Psychology, it's what we call human nature. We love to compete with each other that's why there's a Theory from Darvin: "Survival for the fittest".

That's mean, competing is not wrong?
Yup. In my opinion, it's OK to compete as long as it's a positive competition...

So, anybody wanna compete with me using your fingers? I mean use your typing speed! I believe everyone of you can type using the keyboard right? Why not try this test and get your own rate? You can have fun at the same time. Thank Mac for this cool link from his blog.

What's my rate?

69 words

Speed test

That's the fastest rate I can make so far.
How about you? Anyone can beat me on this? Share with me!