11 April 2008

What's The Meaning Of True Friend?

A friend is someone we turn to when our spirits need a lift.
A friend is someone we treasure for our friendship is a gift.
A friend is someone who fills our lives with beauty, joy and grace.
And makes the world we live in a better and happier place.

Everyone needs friends in their lives and so do I. A very famous idiom we've heard all the time: "No man live in an island". True. I shall say, I will never have such a happy life as today if I don't have any friend. Maybe you may think that the more friends you've, the better your life will be.

As for me, I prefer to have few true friends than having a bunch of 'fake' friends. What's 'fake' friends mean? Fake friend is someone who will be with you during shine and leave you during rainy day. I believe you've met some of them, don't you? Or else your life are so beautiful with all true friends around... (which I've always wanted to)

True good Friends are hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to Forget!
*G. Randoff*

True friends are extremely hard to find and I'm grateful to have few of them. I should say... I'm lucky! ;)

Talking about true friend, it reminds me about my sweet moment with my best-true-happy-going-lucky-sweet friend, May (a.k.a Mug Mug). How could I forget the days we'd spent together at my house?

Her pinky and my huggie pup
(which she bought for me as my birthday present). Thank you.. ;)

Advertising moment for Darlie.. lol...

As expected, we spent hours and hours in the middle of the night, chatting and laughing together until the next day, we couldn't manage to wake up for our 2-day-trip! OMG!
Before leaving KL, we'd been to the Palace to meet our Royal Highness...
The King's horse.. Lol..

And even his soldier... Cool?!
The place was crowded with tourists and everyone was grabbing the chance to snap photos around this area. It looks more like an exhibition hall to me. Lol...

And the palace look like White House!
Wah.... @_@

Sweet moment: Mug Mug and Curryegg

Soon, we'd been to Gua Tempurung, Ipoh. Again, we didnt enter the place since we're not into cave climbing.

Gua Tempurung (Tempurung Cave)

So, we were there playing with water and had our photography moment.. ;D

Kango River- Clean laving water..
Well.. true.. It's indeed clean.. but where are the living things?

I love this picture..

My dad... Cool?
Mug Mug with her beautiful pose.. I took this.. ;D
Learning to be a model.. can someone teach me? Haha.. - taken by Mug Mug..
We tried to leave our footprints.. just like Neil Amstrong who left his foot steps on the moon surface area.. Lol..
I love playing with water!
What a rare fruits.. Do anyone know about this?

Soon, we continued our journey to the North of Malaysia. Along the sweet journey, my eyes spotted on this old bus..


You may ask, where was my destination?
Answer: Back to my hometown (Penang).

Haha... Surprise! I went back to Penang last week under my packed schedule. However, it's worth it. Whenever I go back, I will feel fresher and more energetic. This is why, I love Penang so much.

During that 2 days holiday, May, Steph and I made a small gathering at May's house. We'd our 'pillow talk' session and it was wonderful.

And of course, we will never miss out our 'gila-gila' moment... (crazy moment)

I wonder, when can we stop doing stupid/cute action in front of the camera? We're 21 year old now!
Lol... Well, I don't care... kekez... ;D

Frankly, I'm glad to have my true friends in my life. No matter how far we stay and how long we never meet, our friendships will still blossom as the we grow older. Promise?

To May, thank for being my friend for 9 years. You're the one who are always there for me whenever I need a lift. I hope, our friendship will continue until the last breath we breath.


True Friends
There are many people, That we meet in our lives.
But only a very few will make a lasting
impression on our minds and hearts.

It is these people, That we will think of often
and who will always remain Important to us as....

from: this website


How about you? Do you've true friend(s)?
If yes, do treasure them.