28 April 2008

Thank You BB Market Place

It is always great to hear from other bloggers about me or my blog especially positive one. It's like an awards and appreciation for my work. That's why I love comments both in my comment box and cbox. Besides, I love tag because it shows that someone think of me! Hehe.... thank Popjammerz, 3point8, YuinYin, Dalicia, Wendy, Johnny Ong, Michelle...

What's now?
Other than comments and tags, someone did blog about curryegg.com. Who's that? BB Market Place! My blog has been reviewed for several times by the blogger and I feel like blogging about the site right now- to show my token of appreciation to him.

Here are the two posts which he has blogged about Curryegg.Com :

a) Listening To The Blogosphere: 4th Week, March 2008 (Various bloggers)

3. Reading
curryegg’s blog is absolutely interesting. This week, she wrote about a goat hugging a man on a bicycle, and a man hugging a man behind a vehicle! See, interesting, right? Anyway, I like her post about describing herself when being asked “What makes you different?” “Well, look at this picture” she said “Can you find anyone exactly like me on the earth?” Cool answer~

My respond: BB, I never know that you'll like my answer? And... You like the goats photos? Haha... Thank you.. ;)

b) Listening To The Blogosphere: 5th Week, April 2008 (Various bloggers)

4. Curryegg has written a lot of interesting posts this few weeks. From post of how she miss her drummer friends, to her opinion on some top models, and also discussion about beauty. But among all, I would like you guys to read this post. I called it “A-man-was-singing-while-curryegg-was-crying”. She applied a YouTube clip on this post, man, it’s awesome!

My respond: Oh my.. What a cute suggestion for the post title. I should use the title earlier. Lol.. By the way, you like to hear the man singing? Oh my God! "Daddy... You're going to be famous soooooonn!!!"

You might want to watch this if you've missed my previous post.

And this is the 'Man' who sang "Rhine Stone Cowboy"

Oh my.. My dad is going to kill me if he see this.. Shh.... secret! ;D

Thank BB Market Place again for the good work. Thank for being my friend in blogosphere and keep up the good work! Anyone who is interested to make friend with him or need his help to review your blog, do visit his blog. Click here.

BB Market Place, "GIVE ME A FIVE!!!"

Yeah! Great!!!
Happy blogging my friends!