01 April 2008

The Blue Blue Sky That I love

I never realize that 3point8 has posted something similar with tricky my post in the beginning of April and it makes me feel like I'm a copy-cat.. Plagiarism.. Lol..

I'm not!

And I should defense myself here.. Lol...
I don't like to copy other's work and I should name this as... Curryegg's Ego. Haha.. Few minutes ago, I was kinda curious.. How on earth will my idea be similar as him? I mean... ours idea.. Lol.. both of us were talking the same stuff: To stop blogging. Muahaha... How could that happen? Even Vortrack and Kennysia did something similar.. Haha...

Should I say, great mind think alike?


Here are some photos which I'd captured few days ago and I kinda like the effect.

Looking at the sun, it reminds me that... there's always hope behind a problem. Just like the sun, being covered by the thick clouds. No matter how thick and huge the clouds are (challenges), the sun (success) will appear again once the clouds being blew away by the wind (effort)..

Hard work always pay....